Our History

1804 - 1950's
A Business is Born:

Established in 1804, by Mr. John Oldrid and Mr. Richard Hyde,
a small retailer who specialised as a draper, mercer, hosier, haberdasher, and funeral director. During 1831 John Oldrid took over the running of the business until 1905. Mr Sydney Smith then ran the business from 1906 - 1915, when Mr. Robert Isaac purchased Oldrids from him. In 1920 the Isaacs expanded the Boston store to the three adjacent buildings. As the company grew the Isaac's purchased other properties in the Boston area, including Pescod Hall.


1960's - 1980's
New Additions:

The company took the decision to start selling furniture, in a building on New Street in Boston, however, as this part of the business grew the company purchased an out of town site in Wyberton and in 1981 the first Downtown store was opened.
The Downtown store also housed a Motor Showroom for four years. In addition the original store, Oldrids, in Boston was rebuilt and enlarged to include 3 floors and a food hall.


1980's - 1990's
New Additions:

During this time the company became a family run business
with many of the Isaac family taking on roles within the two stores. The Downtown store went through an enlargement
during 1985, which also encouraged other retailers to develop around the site.

During 1985 the company purchased a 10 acre field next to the A1 in Grantham, and in 1989 another Downtown was built on this site.

During 1996-1998 a new floor was added to Downtown in Grantham and at the same time the company welcomed Boundary Mill Stores into half of the Ground Floor.


2000 - 2005

The Grantham site continued to develop and a Garden Centre was added to the site.

In 2004 the company celebrated its 200th birthday, with celebratory promotions all year.

The company also saw the enlargement and re-fit of Oldrids Department Store and Downtown in Boston.


2006 – Present Time
Ever Changing Times:

The Autumn of 2006 saw the beginning of a new era for the company with a new, non-family Managing Director, Annmarie McClintock, taking charge of the company.

In 2009, the company launched a transactional website; www.oldrids.co.uk and sales have grown year on year since that time.

During the Autumn of 2012, the ground floor of the Downtown Superstore in Grantham received an extensive re-fit, followed, in 2013, by the re-cladding and improvement of the exterior of the whole store, with work continuing into early 2014.

February 2013 saw the company expanding into Lincoln and Gainsborough, with the transfer of two Lincolnshire Co-operative Home stores to Oldrid & Co. Ltd. The stores, in Market Place, Gainsborough and on Tritton Road, Lincoln, became an Oldrids Department Store and a Downtown Home and Fashion store respectively.

Downtown Lincoln re-launched in November 2013, following an extensive refurbishment.