Celebrating Long Service at Oldrids & Downtown

Celebrating Long Service at Oldrids & Downtown

April saw the celebration of some of the company’s long serving members of staff. A group of colleagues celebrating significant anniversaries with the business gathered together to receive a big thank you from us for all of their hard work and loyalty over the years.

The most recent group of employees to celebrate their long service milestones included people commemorating 10, 20, 30 and even 40 years service, representing a total of 260 years employment!

Throughout all of the changes over this time, we have remained keen to be a business that people enjoy working for and one that provides employees with a rewarding work-life that gives them the opportunities to develop and this seems to be reflected in the number of people who choose to stay with the business.

Our Managing Director, Richard Broadhead said, "At Oldrids & Downtown, we have tremendously loyal, dedicated and experienced staff, whom many companies around the world would dream of having in their team. It's thoroughly deserved and entirely appropriate that we celebrate long service in a special way. On behalf of the business, I congratulate all those receiving their awards".

Richard joined the recipients at the ceremony, along with other members of the executive team and the company Chairman. Each staff member received a certificate to commemorate their time with the business, as well as gift vouchers and a well-earned extra week’s holiday. 

Boston Long Service

Photograph: Colleagues from Oldrids and Downtown in Boston gather to celebrate milestone anniversaries with the company. (L-R) Michelle Gomm, 20 years service; Katie King, 10 years service; Elizabeth Edwards, 10 years service; Yvonne Maltby, 20 years service; Richard Broadhead, Managing Director; Mandy Harrison, 10 years service; Andrew Meeds, 30 years service and Sean Smith, 30 years service.

 Grantham Long Service

Photograph: Colleagues from Downtown, Grantham and Oldrids, Scunthorpe gather to celebrate milestone anniversaries with the company. (L-R) Martin Isaac, Chairman; Sandra Dunn, 40 years service; Richard Sadler, 30 years service; Rosie Gale, 20 years service; Richard King, 10 years service and Richard Broadhead, Managing Director.

Posted by Claire Maidment
19th May 2017

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