Half Term Happenings!

Half Term Happenings!

102 flips in sixty seconds, a heart-warming love story and a visit from a selection of furry friends and curious creatures… How was your Half Term?

The Great Oldrids & Downtown Pancake Flip Off welcomed a variety of competitors and generated much excitement amongst the crowds. Each of our stores had the pleasure in awarding their participants with a hamper filled with pancake-making essentials and of course a JIF lemon because; there is nothing quite like a pancake topped with sugar and lemon!

So, how many flips did our stores’ Flippin Champions achieve in sixty seconds?

Downtown Grantham Superstore: 82 flips

Downtown Grantham Garden Centre: 77 flips

Downtown Boston Superstore: 76 flips

Oldrids Boston Department Store: 74 flips

Oldrids Scunthorpe Department Store: 102 (yes, we were impressed too)!


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Valentine’s Day, a day filled with love and joy for all! Each of our stores presented Love at Lunchtime with our Valentine’s Day Vocalists pulling those heartstrings…

One customer at Downtown Boston Superstore experienced a spectacular surprise when her partner took to the stage and sang “their song” for all to enjoy. How very romantic – love was definitely in the air!



The week ended with an appearance from Tony Butler who’s curious creatures accompanied him for a day of fantastic fun! Tony Butler’s Animal Encounters was enjoyed by all family members and surprisingly; the children were braver than their parents at times! 

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We hope that you all enjoyed your Half Term as much as we did; we look forward to welcoming you to many of our exciting events in the future!


21st February 2018

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