How to give your home a Spring Clean

How to give your home a Spring Clean

If you are looking to give your home a thorough spring clean from top to bottom, read our top
hints and tips to help you spruce up your carpets, flooring, laundry and more in no time - 
cleaning will no longer be a chore!


 Our Spring Cleaning guide includes handy hints and tips that will help you de-clutter, de-stress and feel at ease at home in no time.
Take a look at some of our wonderful home cleaning advice below and you can make all of your spring cleaning tasks much more manageable.

1. Use the right vacuum cleaner - Each vacuum cleaner has their own advantages and disadvantages. If you are cleaning a smaller space, you may find
that a hand-held vacuum cleaner or portable cordless vacuum is more suited to your requirements such as the Dyson V8. When looking to give carpets or
rugs a deep clean, you may prefer an upright vacuum cleaner which lasts longer and can cover large areas with more power.

2. Iron away your worries - With the right iron, you can glide smoothly through a pile of laundry with ease. Whether you are looking for a standard 
steam iron to remove even the most stubborn of creases, or a large steam generator to keep your wardrobe looking fresh; you are sure to ensure a crisp finish every time.


3. Be equipped to clean thoroughly - To make your life much easier when you come to clean your home, ensure
that you have all of the right cleaning equipment. From mops and buckets to kitchen bins, retractable washing lines and laundry baskets; 
by being organised within your home, you will find that your spring cleaning goes much more smoothly.

4. Take it easy with a cup of tea Don't rush in to cleaning the entire house at once. Clean a few rooms, and have a cup of tea, you don't
want to burn out. Don't forget you are working hard, and rewarding yourself also makes the time go faster. 

5. Keep a checklist - Lists will help you stay organised, especially with a project like spring cleaning. Before you get started, walk through 
each room and make a note of what needs cleaning, and how you would like to clean it. You can also make a list of what clenaing materials 
you may need.

7th February 2019

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