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Welcome to Heartlake City! 

Are you ready to go on a mission to bring more heart into the world? Join the five brave LEGO® Friends girls from Heartlake City! Let’s help each other make the world a better place!

Heartlake City is the home of the fun, quirky and silly LEGO Friends characters Emma, Olivia, Stephanie, Andrea and Mia. They are cool and friendly girls with heart, who help every new friend they meet on their mission to make the world and Heartlake City a nicer place to be. They are all very different. They can be loud, impulsive, goofy, quiet, creative, loving, wild, daring or caring. They sometimes act before they think, but that’s when the real fun happens! And they always find a way to reach their goals: to help those in need. 

Be creative, have fun with your friends, help others, and YOU can bring a little more heart into the world
- You can build houses, shops, playgrounds, hotels and anything you can imagine with the different LEGO® Friends sets.
- Play fun web games like Pool Basket, Ready for School and Pet Puzzle.
- Design your own heart card and send fun, creative greetings to your friends.

Come join the girls and all the fun in Heartlake City. At Oldrids & Downtown we have all of your favourite LEGO Friends construction sets for you to enjoy and play with for hours on end!