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Blue: The easy-going air purifier

Just plug it in and turn it on. Yes, it’s really that simple.

Creating your personal safe haven, with air as clean as nature intended. With their clean lines, coloured pre-filters and whisper quiet operation, the Blue air purifiers can fit into any space with no disruption.

The entire bottom half of the air purifier is the advanced filter, giving huge surface area and 360° air intake.

Using both mechanical and electrostatic filtration, the filter catches virtually every airborne contaminant down to a virus in size such as pollen, dust, pet dander, mould spores, smoke, allergens and bacteria.

The combination filter with active carbon also removes odours, gases and VOCs.

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Blueair Blue Air Purifier

Classic: Performance you can trust

The Classic is Blueair’s most iconic range of air purifiers. It’s an intelligent product equipped with WiFi so you can control the speed remotely via your phone as well as being enabled for Alexa or IFTTT commands.

The patented HEPASilentTM technology is at the heart of the Blueair Classic as it efficiently cleans the air of your home while making no more sound than a whisper.

Its build is made up of high quality steel, making it a product that is sure to last for many years to come.

To get the full Classic experience, make sure to download the Blueair Friend app and you will be able to connect and control your air purifier from wherever you are.

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Blueair Indoor Air Polution

Blueair Purifier

What is PM 2.5?

Particulate Matter smaller than 2.5 micrometres.

Fine particles so small they are invisible to the naked eye and can travel deep into the lungs and into the blood.

Leads to a variety of issues, most notably in the heart and lungs. Those with a pre-existing conditions can be badly affected.


  • Domestic wood & coal burning
  • Industrial combustion
  • Road transport
  • Use of solvents & industrial processes
  • Microplastics such as carpets, clothing etc