With BRIO, you can discover children's model railways and toys that help children to discover the world around them and develop their potential.

At Oldrids & Downtown we are proud to stock a fantastic range of BRIO toys, from wooden toy trains and railyway starter sets to decorative accessories to help your little one create a fantastic playing environment. Designed with your child in mind, BRIO can be built product-by-product, meaning that your child can grow their railway track and range from the starter set all the way up to a full train station and city-like environment.

Brio Central Train Station 33649Brio Central Train Station 33649
Brio Central Train Station 33649
All aboard! The central train station features double tracks and a wide range of sounds from the ticket machine. It?s the perfect centerpiece for your rail network. This is where your passengers start their adventures and only you know where they will end up. Don't forget to buy your tickets on the toy train station! Battery needed yes Battery included yes Number of LR44 batteries 2
BRIO Classic Little Forest Train Set 33042BRIO Classic Little Forest Train Set 33042
BRIO Classic Little Forest Train Set 33042
Let’s go, hop on, and jump in. Take the little forest train set out on the BRIO train track. There is plenty to do in the forest with lots of loads to load and logs to log. Or if you rather just drive around the trees for fun you can do that too!

Brio Expansion Pack Advanced 33307Brio Expansion Pack Advanced 33307
Brio Expansion Pack Advanced 33307
Expand the BRIO wooden railway system in all new directions with this multi functional advanced expansion pack of switches and accessories.11 pieces.
Brio Expansion Pack Beginner 33401Brio Expansion Pack Beginner 33401
Brio Expansion Pack Beginner 33401
Communication is crucial in rail traffic. The expansion pack beginner is a set of eleven useful parts to complete your BRIO railway for endless adventures. 11 Pieces.

Brio Expansion Pack Intermediate 33402Brio Expansion Pack Intermediate 33402
Brio Expansion Pack Intermediate 33402
Follow the track, extend and shift where needed. With the expansion pack intermediate with 16 parts, the possibilities for extension of your BRIO railway are endless.16 Pieces.
BRIO Farm Train 33404BRIO Farm Train 33404
BRIO Farm Train 33404
The horse and the cow need to be transported out to the pasture. Help them get onboard the farm train by folding down the ramp. No animals will have to feel crowded as each will have their own wagon. Let the farm toy engine pull them along to their destination.

BRIO Magnetic Action Crossing 33750BRIO Magnetic Action Crossing 33750
BRIO Magnetic Action Crossing 33750
With this magnetic action crossing for railway road traffic is stopped through the power of magnetism when a train is passing. Push down to lift the bar and let the cars cross the BRIO train tracks.
Brio Old Steam Engine 33617
Brio Old Steam Engine 33617
Push this old steam engine forward on the BRIO train track and see how the pistons move just like they did on the real steam train engines back in the day! 1 Pieces

Brio Police Station Light & Sound 33813Brio Police Station Light & Sound 33813
Brio Police Station Light & Sound 33813
Welcome to the new police station, where it's always busy. You can drive directly into the station as a police officer and take the elevator to the prison cell on the second floor. Put the thief in the cell and lock the grill gate. Then take the police van, turn on the sirens and lights, and drive as fast as you can to your next task. A fun and exciting police toy for kids! Pieces 6 Battery needed...
BRIO Railway Starter Set Pack A 33773BRIO Railway Starter Set Pack A 33773
BRIO Railway Starter Set Pack A 33773
"All aboard! The destination is fun playtime with Brio’s Railway Starter Set.You’ll have everything you need in this Starter Set. There’s a track to lay down and a tunnel and a stop and go signal to locate. You can arrange the track into a figure of 8 before using the extra track to make your own design. Make sure to stop to let the passengers on and off! Choo choo! Includes 26...

BRIO Starter Lift & Load Set A 33878BRIO Starter Lift & Load Set A 33878
BRIO Starter Lift & Load Set A 33878
All aboard! Build your first BRIO World with this new 33878 Lift and Load Starter Set. The layout is packed with machine toys – grab crane, truck, a pop-up hood engine and wagon with load – even a warning sign, spruce and a small mountain to thunder through! Lift the cargo off the truck toy with the crane, turn and load onto the train. Works great with all products within BRIO World. Includes...
BRIO Starter Track Pack B 33394BRIO Starter Track Pack B 33394
BRIO Starter Track Pack B 33394
Expand the joy to play already from start. If you combine your railway starter track pack with extra tracks it will immediately give you the possibility to build many different layouts with your BRIO railway. More tracks, more fun - that is the truth. Includes 13 wooden track pieces.

Brio Tube Metro Train 33867Brio Tube Metro Train 33867
Brio Tube Metro Train 33867
All passengers on board? Shut the doors, start the engine and drive from the station. The London-inspired metro train sounds just like a real one. Soon you’ll be in the tunnel, all lit up by the train’s front lights. Then, on your way to the next station! Includes 4 pieces