Love your windows - treat them to a pair of curtains for a luxurious look that's practical too, update them with a contemporary blind or set them off with fabulous accessories such as cushions or co-ordinating tiebacks.

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How to measure for curtains

Curtain measurements

How to measure for length:

Always measure at least 3 points along the track or pole, as floors and sills are rarely level.

If you have a radiator beneath the window, ensure the curtains will finish 2cm above the radiator in order to enable heat to enter the room. To avoid curtains dragging on the floor or sill, we recommend you use the shortest of these 3 measurements.
  • A = Sill Length 1cm above the window sill
  • B = Below Sill Length 15-20cm below the window sill or 2cm above the radiator
  • C = Full Length 1cm above the floor

Pencil Pleat & Pinch Pleat Headings: When measuring a curtain track, measure from the top of the track to where the curtain is to finish. When using a curtain pole, measure from the underside of the decorative ring to where you want the curtain to finish.

Eyelet heading: The inner edge of the eyelet is set down 3cm from the top of the curtain. Measure from the top of the pole to the finished length

How to measure for blinds

Blinds may be fitted either inside or outside the window recess. If a blind is being fitted inside a recess, please quote ‘recess size’ and we will make an adjustment for a perfect fit at the time of manufacture. If a blind is being fitted outside a recess, please quote ‘blind size’ and the blind will then be manufactured to the size quoted. If more than one blind is being fitted on the window, please quote the size of each individual blind rather than the overall recess size.

Firstly, you need to decide whether you want your blind to be fitted inside or outside the window recess.

Your blind MUST be fitted OUTSIDE of the recess if:
  • It is less than 7.5cm (75mm deep)
  • The window opens inwards
  • The window is not straight (more than 20mm variation)

Measuring window recess
Measuring outside the window recess

Measuring for recess fitting

When measuring the window recess:
  • Always use a metal tape measure and measure in centimetres
  • Measure the width and the drop in at least 3 positions, taking account of any protrusion such as tiles and dado rails
  • Make a note of the smallest width and drop measure
  • Please quote width and drop size, stating "recess size" on the order form

When measuring the outside of a window recess:
  • Always use a metal tape measure and measure in centimetres
  • If the blind is being fitted outside the recess, allow the blind to extend approximately 5-20cm (50-100mm) either side and 5-10cm (50-100mm) above and below the window
  • Make a note of the required width and drop measurement

Want more from your curtains or blinds?

Blackout Curtains Create a restful environment with beautiful blackout curtains. Studies show that excess light in the bedroom can affect sleep quality, disrupting the body’s natural circadian your body’s sensitivity to light can be used to your advantage to improve the quality of sleep you're getting each night. The more light you can remove from your space, the better rest you'll get.

Children's bedrooms can also benefit from a blackout blind or curtains - especially on light summer nights, and when the sun rises early & we'd all prefer a lie-in!

Roman Blinds
These blinds will neatly pleat together at the top of your window when raised, then with a simple pull, the fabric will gently cascade down, giving you as much shade as you require.

All of our curtain and blind ranges feature quality fabrics and latest designs - browse our fashion-forward styles, stunning colour combinations and designer collections. Our expert soft-furnishings team love to help you create your dream look, advise with any practical considerations you may have and ensure you have the perfect solution for your window dressings.

Curtain Fabrics
We have hundreds of gorgeous fabrics to choose from. Our stores feature spacious displays of hanging fabrics and all the top brand books, spend as long as you need browsing and enjoying the creative process – there’s no need to rush, and we can advise on the best fabric – Voile? Blackout? Velvet? The ideal solution is here.

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