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Boom Blast SticksBoom Blast Sticks
Boom Blast Sticks
Boom Blast Sticks is the high nerve stakes game where you must try to stack as many sticks as you can, without sending them flying. A unique game where the box it comes in becomes part of the game. It is sure to be great fun for all the family.
Teletubbies Shuffle & Giggle TiddytubbiesTeletubbies Shuffle & Giggle Tiddytubbies
Teletubbies Shuffle & Giggle Tiddytubbies
Press her back and watch your new Tiddly Tubby go! This shuffle and giggle Teletubbie is made of a soft towelling plush with a textured face. Featuring authentic sound effects, you'll have as much fun as Ping is as she cawls along.

Laser X 2 Player SetLaser X 2 Player Set
Laser X 2 Player Set
Prepare for battle with the Laser X set. With the 2 guns and reciever vests, set up a battle between you and a friend. The reciever vests will change colour as you are hit, be hit ten times and it is game over! Each vests comes with a voice coach guidance, full colour lighting effects, stereo sound and music. Play inside and out and can work up to 60 metrers away with pinpoint accuracy.

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