Roberts Sports DAB5 Personal Stereo Radio - WhiteRoberts Sports DAB5 Personal Stereo Radio - White
Roberts Sports DAB5 Personal Stereo Radio - White
The SportsDAB5 is a small stereo personal radio, perfect for the smallest of pockets! With DAB/DAB+ and FM stereo wavebands and compact size the SportsDAB5 is the perfect match companion that you can take along to those important games and stay tuned. It also has 10 direct access presets, key lock and a large blue backlit LCD display. Features: DAB/DAB+/FM wavebands 10 Direct Presets Station...

Whilst undoubtedly modern music is changing with the increase in on-demand music and podcast streaming, there is definitely still a place for the radio. At Oldrids & Downtown we sell a wide variety of radios which you are bound to love listening to, from waking up in the morning with your favourite radio station, catching the news on the hour or listening to the football every Saturday. 

When it comes to radios, there is still a lot of choice on the market. For a simple yet effective listening experience that can still take you right back to the core of radio listening, consider an Analogue Radio. Available in both portable battery powered and mains form, they tune into LW, MW and FM frequencies to provide you with a wide range of regionalised and national radio stations to listen to. 

If you are looking for more station choice and reliable signal on the go, consider a DAB Radio. Sleek in design and incredible versatile, they come with a range of functions including easy to use menus, displays and the ability to set your favourite stations. Most DAB radios can also be switched from FM to DAB mode, so if your favourite station plays shows on different frequencies, you can swap between the two.

We also have a selection of retro, Fifties styled radios from Roberts that will look great in any home, as well as making a great talking point for any guests that come over. Beautiful to look at as part of your decor, they are packed with added features including dual alarm functions, the ability to be portable or plugged into the mains and radio station displays. If you want to play your own music through the radio too, simply plug in through the 'AUX in' port.

Don't forget we have even more audio accessories available from the likes of SONOS for an even more enhanced audio experience.