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With SONOS, you can experience true cinema-quality sound. Designed with you in mind, SONOS have a fantatastic range of functional yet stylish home speakers and wireless sound-systems to help you deliver a fantastic entertainment experience, whether you are looking to enjoy music, TV, films and more.

Simple to set up and control, you can easily pair your SONOS equipment with your TV or control. You can also connect to any Amazon Echo device for voice control from the comfort of your seat! No matter what you are looking for, you can find the device for your home.

Looking for an amplified music streaming upgrade for your speakers? Try the SONOS Connect:Amp. This unique device allows you to stream music services and internet radio to any existing speakers inside or outside of your home via wi-fi. There is also multi--room compatibility, meaning you can listen to different songs in different rooms for an enjoyable music experience for all the family.

The SONOS Playbar is designed for epic home cinema, with exceptional dialogue quality thanks to a phased speaker array of nine drivers, providing a fully immersive listening experience. With its unique design, the Playbar can also be mounted on the wall or placed on furniture, replacing your TV's built-in speakers with waves of clear, directional sound. You will also receive a 2 year manufacturers guarantee, so that you can buy with true peace of mind.

For a powerful speaker that can fill any room with sound, choose the SONOS Playbase. With ten amplified internal drivers, including a woofer, you will receive crystal clear audio - from pulse-pounding action to whispers, delivering the ultimate viewing experience. The Playbase is designed to be placed underneath your television with its low profile and can of course be connected to any Amazon Alexa device for voice control.

Looking to get outdoors with your SONOS? The SONOS Move is a weatherproof and drop-resistant model that can be controlled with your voice or the SONOS app. With the Move, you can stream music directly through the audio equipment via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Battery powered and durable, the SONOS Move is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. With suprisingly deep bass and a wide soundscape, the automatic Trueplay tuning balances the sound depending on where you are and what you're listening to. With up to 10 hours of continuous play time, it is a great option for when you're hosting parties or a summer BBQ.

All SONOS devices come with ethernet ports and optical input connection so that they can be used with other devices including Dolby Digital and Stereo. We have also answered a few of the frequently asked questions we receive about SONOS below to help you with your purchase.

Can you talk to your SONOS? - Yes! Many SONOS speakers use Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, as well as the app, for voice control.

How much does SONOS cost per month? - There is no monthly cost with a SONOS speaker. Simply plug in, connect and start playing your favourite music or TV. Added features such as Spotify or Amazon Music are not included with a SONOS and must be purchased separately, however the SONOS is compatible with both services.

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