Beko EDG6L33W 60Cm White Gas CookerBeko EDG6L33W 60Cm White Gas Cooker
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Beko EDG6L33W 60Cm White Gas Cooker
Enjoy delicious food from the comfort of your own home with the Beko EDG6L33W gas cooker. This freestanding appliance can help you make tasty meals for the whole family, thanks to its large capacity and great features. Double Up with this Gas Cooker Double ovens give you plenty of flexibility to satisfy your cooking requirements and the EDG6L33W is no exception. The main oven has a 72 litre gross...
Beko Esg50W 50Cm Gas CookerBeko Esg50W 50Cm Gas Cooker
Beko Esg50W 50Cm Gas Cooker
Exclusive to Euronics and Agent stores, this freestanding oven comes in a clean white finish to suit any home. The ESG50W is a gas oven, which are generally cheaper to run than electric models and offer better heat control on the hob. Create delicious meals with this single oven from Beko. Four Burner Hob Four gas burners feature on this model, giving you a huge range of cooking options. Fry, boil,...

Beko EDP503W 50cm Double Oven Electric CookerBeko EDP503W 50cm Double Oven Electric Cooker
Beko EDP503W 50cm Double Oven Electric Cooker
Treat the budding chef in your home and let them cook up a storm with this freestanding Beko electric cooker. Exclusive to euronics and Agent stores, you won’t find this amazing model anywhere else. Fantastic Flexibility You’ll be able to perfect any recipe with the Beko EDP503W. Use the electric hob to boil, sauté and fry a huge range of delicious dishes. In the top oven,...
Blomberg OTN9302X Built In Built Under Programmable Electric Double OvenBlomberg OTN9302X Built In Built Under Programmable Electric Double Oven
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Blomberg OTN9302X Built In Built Under Programmable Electric Double Oven
The OTN9302X oven from Blomberg is really spacious and has plenty of added features to help you out in the kitchen. A double oven and grill let you multitask for any family gathering or party. With a sleek stainless steel and glass finish, the OTN9302X oven will be a modern and stylish addition to any kitchen. The push in, pop out control knobs keep the oven looking streamlined when not in use, and...

Beko EDVC503W 50cm Double Oven Electric Cooker - WhiteBeko EDVC503W 50cm Double Oven Electric Cooker - White
Beko EDVC503W 50cm Double Oven Electric Cooker - White
The Beko EDVC503W is a generously sized double oven cooker, with plenty of cooking space and a ceramic hob – perfect for entertaining guests. With two ovens and a combined capacity of 89 litres, the Beko EDVC503W is ideal for multitasking. The main oven has a 58 litre capacity - plenty big enough to cook a roast or large stew. Fan cooking makes it quicker to heat up and provides more even temperature...

One of the most crucial appliances in any kitchen, with our selection of CookersOvens and Hobs; you can make sure you are equipped to whip up any meal at Oldrids & Downtown. Whether you are catering for large families, dinner parties, batch cooking or even a meal for one, we have all sorts of styles to match what you are looking for.

A popular choice is a freestanding electric oven and cooker, which are complete with hobs, grill space and oven cavities so that you can cook different food at the same time. They have a large capacity in both ovens, produce a high yet reliable level of heat and have a easy to clean ceramic surface. Cookers are a popular choice because they can fit neatly between your existing units or stand alone. Make sure you measure up your space carefully beforehand, ensuring it will be able to reach your fuel source as well as a plug socket.

We also offer built-in integrated ovens that not only help you cook great meals every time, but will also look brilliant in any modern kitchen. Packed full of features such as CircoTherm circulation heating, an inegrated grill, multiple shelves and telescopic rails, you can find a wide range of modern ovens that will be a life-saver in any busy kitchen. Built-in oven cookers are more popular in modern homes.

Fan assisted ovens are increasingly popular because they are more energy efficient. A fan assisted oven can speed up the cooking process by around 10 minutes per hour, meaning you can turn off the oven sooner. All ovens tend to now have a programmable timer, meaning that you can set the start and finish time for your oven; whilst glazed doors lock in the heat - making the entire process more energy efficient.

At Oldrids we also offer a range of gas, ceramic and induction hobs, making cooking quicker, easier and sleeker in any contemporary home. With induction hobs you receive variable power settings, cooking zones and a pan presence sensor. 

Before you make your decision, we thought it would be useful to answer a few of our frequently asked questions below:

What is the difference between a cooker and an oven? - A cooker is a freestanding, all-in-one unit which contains at least one oven and one hob. These should slot into a gap between your existing kitchen units and do range in size, but can be a great, compact solution for smaller kitchens - particularly if you like all of your cooking areas to be together.

The term oven refers to the appliance used for roasting and baking. This can be installed separately to the hob, such as the range of integrated ovens we offer that can be installed into higher spaces in the kitchen.

What are the main differences between an electric cooker and a gas cooker? - An electric cooker has become more popular in modern kitchens. They tend to offer faster cooking times, but can cost more to run than gas hobs. An entry level electric cooker will usually contain at least one conventional or fan oven and possibly a grill. With more expensive options you will have two ovens, giving the freedom to cook more than one dish at the same time, but at different temperatures. Other benefits of electric cookers include the 'even cooking' that a fan assisted oven provides, easy to clean hobs and more intelligent features. However, consider the increased cost to both purchase and run an electric cooker over gas, as well as the fact the hobs will stay warm for longer.

Gas cookers are more traditional and known for their heat control and cheaper running costs. They provide instant hob heat, however can be difficult to clean. Unlike electric cookers, gas ovens will not usually have a fan to circulate heat around the oven, meaning heat will naturally make the top of your oven hotter than the bottom. Gas cookers also need to be professionally installed.

We also offer a useful major appliance uplift & disposal service, meaning that if you are simply looking to upgrade your current cooker or oven, our friendly team can take your old unit away with them. Please note we also have a further range available in store for you to view at our Downtown Grantham and Downtown Boston stores.

Please note our white goods are currently only available for delivery to DN, LE, LN, NG and PE postcodes. If you have any questions about delivery, please contact us at or on 03452 505502.