Zanussi ZHRX643K 59cm Ceramic Hob - BlackZanussi ZHRX643K 59cm Ceramic Hob - Black
Zanussi ZHRX643K 59cm Ceramic Hob - Black
1 Year Warranty Create tasty dishes for all the family with the Zanussi ZHRX643K ceramic hob. In a stylish black design, this built-in appliance will look great in any kitchen. Key features The smooth ceramic hob is easy to clean Yellow Radiant (Clean the hob easy and fast just with a few wipes of the ceramic surface) Space for any pan, with OvalZone Total hob management, with Touch Controls Cooking...

Essential to cooking many meals for you and your family, kitchen hobs have become one of the most important appliances in the home.

As cooking skills and tastes have advanced, so has the technology available with kitchen hobs; making the cooking process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Hobs come in many different sizes to suit different kitchen designs. The most common have four burners or cooking zones, however the hob you choose will depend on the dishes you tend to cook and how many cooking areas you think you can manage at once! Of course, the amount of space you have available, where your hob is located and the type of pots and pans you use are also important factors.

Gas hobs are the most traditional type of hob and remain very popular to this day. Gas hobs offer instant heat and you have complete, handheld control of how much heat you are using on each burner. Gas hobs have remained common in the home because they are very cost effective and tend to use less energy than their more modern counterparts. They are however, more difficult to install and require both a gas and electricity supply, meaning the location of your gas hob is likely to be limited to a specific area in your kitchen. They are also slightly more difficult to clean because of the fiddly iron supports.

Ceramic hobs are a modern alternative to cooking. Ceramic hobs are powered by electricity rather than gas and offer that sleek, modern, glass-like finish that looks great in any contemporary home. Ceramic hobs are a popular and cheaper alternative to induction hobs. They are suitable for use with most pan types and generally cost much less; meaning they are perfect for those on a strict budget who still want a streamlined finish. However, they do use more energy than a gas hob and as they heat up the entire cooking zone, a lot of energy can escape from the side of the pan. The cooking area can also remain hot for a while after you have turned off the heat.

Induction hobs are the most recent to the market and have increased in popularity in the last decade. Induction hobs are more expensive, but are packed full of features such as close temperature control, pan sensors and of course performance. Induction hobs use magnetism to heat your pan, not the hob. This means that heat permeates through the food you are cooking quickly and induction hobs can even boil water faster than your standard kettle. Sometimes this can put people off as you may think you need new pans with a ferrous metal, however simply test whether your a magnet sticks to the bottom of your pan - if it does then it should be suitable with an induction hob.

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