Elna 520EX Computerised Sewing Machine
Elna 520EX Computerised Sewing Machine
Fun for everyone with the new eXperience 520. These versatile machines can handle any fabric - no matter how tough. So start right here, right now, and create your own personalized wardrobe. Customize it, recycle it, transform it any way you want; your Elna adapts to every mood, every style.Denim has resisted every fashion cycle for generations; today, fashionistas are recycling and reinterpreting...

Whether you’re in the market for a mechanical or digital sewing machine, choose quality and you’ll be able to effortlessly navigate through any project. From making minor alterations to creating whole new items of clothing, it’s easy when you shop for sewing machines at Oldrids & Downtown.

Across our range you can choose from classic mechanical sewing machines through to state-of-the-art digital sewing machines, so whether you’re a budding hobbyist or fairly new to crafting, we have sewing machines for beginners and experts alike.

We stock ELNA sewing machines; a market leading brand. This means you can be completely confident in the quality, durability and reliability of any purchase you make with us at Oldrids & Downtown.

Not sure of the right sewing machine for you? Contact our team of experts online or by phone, or visit them for in-person advice at one of our stores.