Haden 189660 3.5L Slow CookerHaden 189660 3.5L Slow Cooker
Haden 189660 3.5L Slow Cooker
Slow cooking is the ideal way to make delicious, homemade and nutritious meals without the hassle, fill it up with your favourite ingredients and let it cook. This means you could prepare it in the morning and your meal will be ready for you when you get home from work. It’s perfect for a nice hearty home cooked meal. Additional Features: 3.5ltr Capacity Dimensions: 21 x 26.5 x 34.5cm Ceramic...
was £25 £19
Cuisinart ICE30U Ice Cream Maker
Cuisinart ICE30U Ice Cream Maker
The Cuisinart ICE30BCU ice cream maker allows you to create ice cream, frozen yoghurt, sorbets and frozen drinks within your home. Simply freeze the 2 litre freezer bowl overnight, then just add your ingredients and switch on. The machine is fully automatic and will churn your ingredients to a perfect consistency. You can easily add extra ingredients such as nuts and chocolate chips during mixing. ...
was £80 £63.98

Cuisinart ICE100BCU Gelato/Ice Cream Maker
Cuisinart ICE100BCU Gelato/Ice Cream Maker
Sleek and stylish, the Gelato and Ice Cream Professional is extremely easy to use. A professional compressor system means there is no need to pre freeze the bowl, allowing you to create 1.5L of delicious fresh ice cream, rich gelato, frozen yoghurt or refreshing sorbet in just 40 minutes. The machine comes with 2 specialist mixing paddles to give the perfect texture to your frozen dessert. The ice...
was £250 £199.98
Sabichi 98337 White Sandwich MakerSabichi 98337 White Sandwich Maker
Sabichi 98337 White Sandwich Maker
The Sabichi White sandwich maker is ideal for hungry first time buyers and students. With a stylish White gloss finish and non stick coating it makes lunch times more enjoyable.
rrp £50 £14.99

Sabichi 3 Tier Food Steamer - White 89557Sabichi 3 Tier Food Steamer - White 89557
Sabichi 3 Tier Food Steamer - White 89557
The Sabichi three tier steamer is a healthier choice at meal times. With a 7.2 litre capacity and three removable, stackable containers, it can cook several different food groups at one time. A 60 minute manual timer ensures that your food is never overcooked.
rrp £50 £19.99
Crockpot 2.4L Slow Cooker - Black CSC046Crockpot 2.4L Slow Cooker - Black CSC046
Crockpot 2.4L Slow Cooker - Black CSC046
The ideal size for smaller households, this Crock-Pot 2.4L Slow Cooker is the easy way to create delicious home-cooked meals. Dishes like casseroles, curries, soups and stews can be prepared in the morning, and then cooked to perfection while you get on with your day. The oven-safe stoneware pot adds versatility and is ideal for serving at the table. Both the removable pot and the lid are dishwasher-safe...

SWAN 1.5 Litre Stainless Steel Fryer SD6060N
SWAN 1.5 Litre Stainless Steel Fryer SD6060N
If you like the idea of a deep-fat fryer, but don't think you have space for one, the clever and compact Swan 1.5 Litre Stainless Steel Fryer could be the answer. Taking up around the same space as a chunky toaster, it will deliver crispy, crunchy morsels galore, or even just a plateful of homemade chips for two. This square stainless-steel fryer will easily fit in a corner of your kitchen, on a...
rrp £59.99 £25
Breville VST025 Sandwich & Panini Press, Stainless SteelBreville VST025 Sandwich & Panini Press, Stainless Steel
Breville VST025 Sandwich & Panini Press, Stainless Steel
The Breville name retains its legacy with the sandwich toaster, bringing a no-fuss, easy-to-clean and modern design with the VST025 Cafe Style Sandwich Press. Not only does this sandwich press make delicious toasted sandwiches, thanks to its hinged design the VST025 heats paninis, ciabatta, focaccia, naan and tortillas too. Plates are approximately (L x W) 310mm x 281mm, approximately 2 sandwiches...

Tower Three Tray Buffet ServerTower Three Tray Buffet Server
Tower Three Tray Buffet Server
With 3 generous sized removable non stick trays the Tower T16021 Three Tray Buffet Server and Hotplate is the perfect catering companion for events and parties. You can serve a multitude of foods from keep warm trays, from Sunday dinner to delicious stews and curry. Features 3 non stick removable trays with lids, cool touch handles, doubles up as a warming plate, adjustable temperature settings 70...
rrp £59.99 £29.99
Morphy Richards 3 Tier Food Steamer - Silver 48755Morphy Richards 3 Tier Food Steamer - Silver 48755
Morphy Richards 3 Tier Food Steamer - Silver 48755
Keeping all the goodness of vegetables, steaming is the healthier way to cook a meal for the whole family, and the Morphy Richards 3-Tier Steamer is ideal for doing it quickly and easily. Forget faffing with pans, this steamer is easy to use and clean, and has a number of features to help make cooking a bit more convenient. With three stacking trays and a rice bowl, so you can cook multiple ingredients...

Crockpot 5.7L Slow Cooker - Black CSC031Crockpot 5.7L Slow Cooker - Black CSC031
Crockpot 5.7L Slow Cooker - Black CSC031
The Crockpot CSC031-01 Hinged Lid slow cooker is the perfect accompaniment to any kitchen. Our very first slow cooker with the lid attached makes slow cooking even easier than before. Simply chop, drop and turn on. Once your slow cooked meal is ready all you have to do is lift the lid and serve. Don't you hate not knowing where to put the lid when you are serving from your slow cooker or wish to take...
George Foreman Family 4 Portion Grill - Red 25040George Foreman Family 4 Portion Grill - Red 25040
George Foreman Family 4 Portion Grill - Red 25040
Whether it's Saturday morning bacon butties, a quick Tuesday night tea or Friday night kebabs - your George Foreman grill can cater for every occasion. In a bold, striking red stainless steel, the George Foreman grill makes a statement in your kitchen and an impact on your cooking. Ready to use on the healthy days, the hungry days and the comfort food craving days - your George Foreman grill has got...

Breville Vdf100 Stainless Steel Deep FryerBreville Vdf100 Stainless Steel Deep Fryer
Breville Vdf100 Stainless Steel Deep Fryer
Breville Vdf100 Stainless Steel Deep Fryer. Revolutionise dinner time by bringing back those traditional family favourites, fried up to perfection. From crispy fried cod to delicious, golden chunky chips; all those pub grub classics can be freshly fried up for the family dinner table. Quick, simple and powerful, the Stainless Steel 3l Oil, 1Kg Food Deep Fat Fryer is perfect for those bored of oven...
Cuisinart GR4CU Griddle & GrillCuisinart GR4CU Griddle & Grill
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Cuisinart GR4CU Griddle & Grill
The Cuisinart Griddle & Grill is a must have for every kitchen. With its clever reversible, non-stick plates and variable temperature controls, flexible cooking options are at your fingertips. Sear and Grill steaks or kebabs with the Grill plates, Cook pancakes or eggs with the flat griddle plate or use as a panini press made easy with the floating hinge that will adjust to the food being cooked....

Cook up a feast for all the family with our handy range of small cooking appliances at Oldrids & Downtown. Whether you are entertaining guests or cooking a romantic meal for two, you can find a great selection of cooking appliances to help you whip up a feast with ease online. Cooking appliances include a variety of kitchen appliances - from compact appliances such as slow cookers, grills, sandwich makers and fryers to extravagant soup makers, multi-tiered steamers and even ice cream makers, you will find a wide range to suit your needs in the kitchen.

At Oldrids & Downtown we pride ourselves on delivering you some of the world's finest brands at great prices you will love including Crockpot, Breville, Cuisinart, George Foreman and Tower to name just a few. Not only are small cooking appliances such as slow cookers extremely versatile, helping you to cook a wide variety of meals not only easily but with much less mess, but they can also make your food healthier. For example, steaming your vegetables and other food is widely regarded as a healthier form of cooking than frying due to the lack of oils and other fats required.

Whether you're shopping for yourself or for a gift for a loved one, you are sure to streamline your cooking operation. The Tower Three Tray Buffet Server is always popular in the festive season, helping you to cater for your guests whilst keeping food warm and ready to serve with adjustable temperature settings. You could even leave your food cooking in a brand new slow cooker all day, creating flavoursome, cooked to perfection dishes with ease - the perfect companion for those who live a busy lifestyle. 

With a small cooking appliance, you don't need to be a professional chef to cook fantastic meals for all the family. Explore our range online or in-store today and cook up a feast with ease. What's more, you will also receive FREE delivery on all qualifying orders, so you can order simply and with peace of mind.