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Sideboards are a flexible yet practical piece of furniture typically found in the dining room. Before fitted kitchens and cabinets became a staple of the modern home, sideboards were traditionally used to store all of your dishes and cutlery, as well as acting as a display for any food and drink. Whilst times have moved forwards with modern kitchens, the sideboard has remained a popular staple of the contemporary home. We have a few handy tips to help you pick the perfect sideboard or cupboard cabinet for your home.

A traditional dining room sideboard is freestanding and will sit along one wall. Often fairly low to the ground and with short legs, to be considered a sideboard it must sit on the floor. Some models will have a combination of doors and drawers, which can be deep or shallow, depending on their function. You may also find that some sideboards have storage space that is dedicated to one specific area such as storing china, cups, glasses or even bottls of wine. When shopping online for a new sideboard, you must consider the overall storage space you will need and what you intend to use your sideboard for. The shape of a sideboard is also important when designing and laying out your dining room, as they can serve other functions as well with a surface area for displays for food, drink or even ornaments and collectibles.

Designed specifically to stand out and catch the eye, sideboards are available in a variety of styles and can help you add that personal touch to your home. One contemporary trend is to choose a sideboard that is completely different to the style of the rest of the room. You must also consider the dimensions of the room and how your sideboard will fit. Do not choose a small, two-door sideboard that will be engulfed by a larger dining room. Likewise, is it better to avoid larger, four-door sideboards if your dining room is on the smaller side or you do not necessarily require additional dining room storage.

When you shop with Oldrids & Downtown, you will find we have a wide variety of sideboard styles and designs to choose from. The Sienna Boutique Sideboard is crafted from mango solids and mixed timber veneers of teak, mahogany and mindy ash, providing a truly unique pattern. Whilst for something more rustic and traditional we have designs from Ercol or even the upcycled range by Little Tree

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