La Hacienda Geneva FirepitLa Hacienda Geneva Firepit
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La Hacienda Geneva Firepit
The Geneva fire pit is perfect for gathering everyone together by the warmth of the fire. Whether you're swapping stories, enjoying a drink or playing games with the family, the fire pit is perfect for extending the time spent in the garden making lasting memories. This contemporary fire pit is built atop a terrazzo effect stand which raises the bowl, bringing the warmth closer to you and your guests....
La Hacienda Leaf Globe FirepitLa Hacienda Leaf Globe Firepit
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La Hacienda Leaf Globe Firepit
A beautiful centrepiece for your outdoor space, the La Hacienda Leaf Globe Firepit is perfect for your evening garden gatherings. This oxidised steel fire globe has a lovely weathered look and comes with laser cut leaves around the globe that create a wonderful pattern in the flames. This perfectly suits both modern and traditional gardens. Features: Globe shape provides an all round view Weathered,...

La Hacienda Osiris FirepitLa Hacienda Osiris Firepit
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La Hacienda Osiris Firepit
This Osiris fire basket offers a dramatic centrepiece that's sure to impress in your garden. Crafted in steel and finished with a brushed bronze effect, the material has a laser-cut design to give a clean contemporary feel. This fire basket is a great way of extending the time spent outside; the perfect way of keeping everyone warm whilst enjoying your garden space. Whether its playing games, enjoying...
La Hacienda Albion Steel FirepitLa Hacienda Albion Steel Firepit
La Hacienda Albion Steel Firepit
The La Hacienda Albion Steel Firepit combines steel and elegance for a minimalist yet functional design, with beautifully curved legs and reinforced steel. Perfect for creating a warm environment for friends and family to gather around in your Garden, the Albion is finished with a high temperature black paint finish. Features: Durable steel construction High temperature black paint finish Includes...

La Hacienda Cesta Oxidised FirepitLa Hacienda Cesta Oxidised Firepit
La Hacienda Cesta Oxidised Firepit
Enjoy the warmth of an open fire in your outdoor space, with a touch of Spanish style. The La Hacienda Cesta Oxidised Firepit is constructed from steel and perfect for gathering around with friends and family. Features: Suitable for logs Constructed from oxidised steel Dimensions: 48cm H x 46cm Diameter
La Hacienda Moho Oxidised FirepitLa Hacienda Moho Oxidised Firepit
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La Hacienda Moho Oxidised Firepit
Join your friends and family to enjoy the rugged, oxidised appearance of the La Hacienda Moho Firepit, that will look stunning in any outdoor space. With its steel construction displaying an attractive weathered beauty, you can sit or stand around the flaming firepit, with a large storage space underneath the bowl for the logs. Features: Durable steel construction Storage for logs underneath Dimensions:...

Fallen Fruits Metal Rectangular Fire Basket
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Fallen Fruits Metal Rectangular Fire Basket
Constructed from steel, this spacious rectangular fire basket has a spacious interior to place a large amount of wood. With tall legs and wide gaps, you can gather around and enjoy the heat. Features: Suitable for logs Dimensions: 50cm L x 30cm W x 50cm H Constructed from metal and black powder coated
Fallen Fruits Metal Square Fire BasketFallen Fruits Metal Square Fire Basket
Fallen Fruits Metal Square Fire Basket
Combine functionality and design for a premium outdoor experience. This sturdy metal square fire basket is useful for any occasion. Use the fire basket to line your garden path for a warm and welcoming atmosphere or gather around with friends and family on your patio or terrace. Features: Suitable for use with logs Dimensions: 32cm W x 31cm D x 58cm H Weight: 3kg

La Hacienda Copper Square Hanging Halogen Electric HeaterLa Hacienda Copper Square Hanging Halogen Electric Heater
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La Hacienda Copper Square Hanging Halogen Electric Heater
Although the Copper Hanging Halogen Square Heater is manufactured from steel, its copper finish is designed to look tremendously attractive in any outdoor situation, particularly a pergola or gazebo. The copper has a natural warmth all of its own and it is the perfect accompaniment to the glowing halogen lamp of this energy efficient heater. H27 x W43 x D43cm Powerful 2000w with 2 soft touch heat...
La Hacienda Icarus Medium FirepitLa Hacienda Icarus Medium Firepit
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La Hacienda Icarus Medium Firepit
The sight of the golden orange bowl of the Medium Icarus Firepit, full of burning logs, brings to mind the heat of the sun and Icarus mythical fall. The firepit is crafted from cast iron with a stand of high quality steel, a combination that forms a distinctive contemporary style with a deep decorative appeal even when not alight, and is perfectly suited for locations that share a modern design aesthetic. The...

La Hacienda Nami FirebasketLa Hacienda Nami Firebasket
La Hacienda Nami Firebasket
Simple yet stylish, the La Hacienda Nami Firebasket is functional and suitable for use with logs for you to gather round and enjoy. With a smart design and available in durable steel with a high temperature painted black finish, this is a great addition to your outdoor space. Features: Constructed from durable steel For use with logs Dimensions: 32cm H x 39cm Diameter
La Hacienda Portable Camping FirepitLa Hacienda Portable Camping Firepit
La Hacienda Portable Camping Firepit
The La Hacienda Portable Camping Firepit with BBQ grill, folding legs and carry bag is ideal for camping, at the beach or just in your back garden. The camping bowl has a mesh lid for releasing heat and the firepit is made from steal, finished in black heat resistant paint. Lightweight but strong, you can use the grill for BBQ or remove it and just place your logs. Features: Suitable for logs Includes...

Woodlodge Bude Outdoor FireplaceWoodlodge Bude Outdoor Fireplace
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Woodlodge Bude Outdoor Fireplace
The Woodlodge Bude fireplace adds style and flair to any garden. Warm up on those cooling evenings out in the garden with this beautiful outdoor fireplace. Complete with an oxifidised finish that adds to its beauty, this fireplace can be used with a variety of log kindling for a long lasting effect. Please note the fireplace does require assembly. Features: Dimensions: 74cm W x 48cm D x 112cm...

Some Outdoor Heating is a a fantastic way for you and your guests to enjoy your space all year round, particularly after the sun has gone down.

There are a number of popular garden heating solutions that you can use to create a focal point in your garden, whilst building a warm and relaxing place to unwind with friends and family. Within our outdoor heating range you will find electrical patio heaters, traditional clay or modern cast iron chimineas, fire pits and even torch holders!

If you are looking for an open outdoor fireplace, modern fire pit or fire basket for your outdoor space, then read on for some handy tips to help you choose the right model.

Should I choose a Firepit, fire basket or chiminea? 

Whilst all three options will provide you with warmth and an enticing area for you and your friends to gather round in the evenings, they do have their own unique features. Fire pits, fire baskets and chimineas are all freestanding, so they can be set up outside in your garden or patio. The basic design of most fire pits is a 'fire bowl;' or deep tray in which you place your charcoal or wooden logs; you will then be presented with an open flame once lit, although some firepits come with a screen. Due to the vast array of firepit designs now available, they are great for contemporary gardens and modern outdoor spaces.

Chimineas are larger and usually heavier, particularly if made out of cast iron - although this does mean they are more durable. Chimineas are generally much more traditional in their design than firepits.

Can you cook on a firepit or in a chiminea?

The short answer is yes! It is slightly more complicated to cook on a firepit or inside a chiminea than a classic barbecue, however there is no reason you cannot cook delicious food over either a wood fire or charcoal. You will need a grill grate, rotisserie or tripod to hold your food safely above your fuel source. Cooking over a fire will allow you to add that smoky flavour which you cannot emulate with an electric stove.

How much maintenence does a firepit need?

Both firepits and chimineas do require maintenence from time to time, but they are much easier to clean than a traditional barbeuce. Simply remove the old ash with a shovel and scrub down the grill if you have used one. Don't forget each firepit and chiminea will require assembly. By cleaning and maintaining your firepit regularly you will avoid any rust. On each product, we will list the fuel type that can be used. Most chimineas can use any fuel type, however some firepits are limited to just wood. However - ensure you do not use a wood that gives of any resin as these can be poisonous.

We know we're bias - but we think a firepit or chiminea is a great option for your outdoor heating as they're so multifunctional. Not only do they provide an attractive, safe and warm place for you and your friends to relax in your garden throughout the summer nights but can also be used for cooking food.

Don't forget we also have a vast range of garden furniture available both in-store and online at Oldrids & Downtown so that you can relax outside this Summer!