Bosmere 2kW Metal Greenhouse Heater IP24Bosmere 2kW Metal Greenhouse Heater IP24
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Bosmere 2kW Metal Greenhouse Heater IP24
2kW metal greenhouse fan heater. Features: 2 settings: 25W fan and 2kW fan heater Overheat protection Free standing and portable Strong and long lasting Encourages even heat distribution with a constant flow of warm air Provides protection against frost in the cold winter months Reduces the risk of disease by eliminating cold areas in the greenhouse CE approved Ensure your greenhouse...
Clovelly Firepit
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Clovelly Firepit
Perfect for extending those wonderful evenings, this stylish round Fire pit with mesh lid and Grill plate is safe, warm and looks the part. Dimensions Width: 75cm Depth: 75cm Height: 52cm

Fallen Fruits Cast Iron Fire BowlFallen Fruits Cast Iron Fire Bowl
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Fallen Fruits Cast Iron Fire Bowl
A magnificent cast iron bowl with a simple design, which will hold a good sized fire. made from heavy cast iron, approximately 5mm thick, so although it will show some signs of rust if left outside, it will never rust through completely. It comes in two pieces (the bowl and the stand), which will easily fit together with the screws supplied. Suitable to use with either wood or charcoal. Includes...
Boscastle Firepit
Boscastle Firepit
A stylish Square Fire pit with mesh lid and grill plate, this heater will enable you to make the most of those glorious long, yet slightly chilly, summer evenings! Dimensions Width: 45cm Depth: 45cm Height: 34cm

Woodlodge Helston Fire Pit with Stand
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Woodlodge Helston Fire Pit with Stand
The Helston Cast Iron Fire Pit is both practical and beautifully designed and is a fantastic centrepiece for entertaining when gathering around the fire and chatting with friends. Packed in a decorative wood-effect box, it's perfect if you are buying this fire pit as a gift. At 5.4 kilograms it's lightweight, so can be moved easily for different garden settings Over time, your Helston fire pit...
La Hacienda Pittsburgh Industrial Heavy Duty Steel Fire Pit - MediumLa Hacienda Pittsburgh Industrial Heavy Duty Steel Fire Pit - Medium
La Hacienda Pittsburgh Industrial Heavy Duty Steel Fire Pit - Medium
The renowned steel-making town of Pittsburgh appropriately gives its name to these heavy duty and highly durable firepits. Complete with an oiled steel bowl that sits on three sturdy legs, the Pittsburgh Firepits are a very practical design that has been designed to emphasise functional elegance. The Pittsburgh range of firepits are available in small, medium and large sizes and are designed to develop...
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La Hacienda Heatmaster SlimlineLa Hacienda Heatmaster Slimline
La Hacienda Heatmaster Slimline
Even in the summer, this country isn't normally blessed with warm evenings, but all this changes with the Heatmaster Slimline Patio Heater. Efficient and powerful, this parasol or tripod mounted electric heater is perfect for attaching under parasols and can also be attached to a transportable tripod for flexibility. With a smart hammered black finish and three long heater heads for directional heat...
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La Hacienda Grey Retro Hanging  Heater Carbon FibreLa Hacienda Grey Retro Hanging  Heater Carbon Fibre
La Hacienda Grey Retro Hanging Heater Carbon Fibre
Offering an eco-friendly way to keep warm, particularly if you have a gazebo or pergola, the Grey Series Hanging Carbon Fibre Heater is an overhead source of warmth on a chilly evening. The 1500 watt heater is environmentally friendly as there are no fumes. Carbon fibre provides immediate heat and, attached to a rafter, will soon provide much needed comfort to everyone present. With a contemporary...
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La Hacienda Nami FirebasketLa Hacienda Nami Firebasket
La Hacienda Nami Firebasket
Simple yet stylish, the La Hacienda Nami Firebasket is functional and suitable for use with logs for you to gather round and enjoy. With a smart design and available in durable steel with a high temperature painted black finish, this is a great addition to your outdoor space. Features: Constructed from durable steel For use with logs Dimensions: 32cm H x 39cm Diameter

Some Outdoor Heating is a a fantastic way for you and your guests to enjoy your space all year round, particularly after the sun has gone down.

There are a number of popular garden heating solutions that you can use to create a focal point in your garden, whilst building a warm and relaxing place to unwind with friends and family. Within our outdoor heating range you will find electrical patio heaters, traditional clay or modern cast iron chimineas, fire pits and even torch holders!

If you are looking for an open outdoor fireplace, modern fire pit or fire basket for your outdoor space, then read on for some handy tips to help you choose the right model.

Should I choose a Firepit, fire basket or chiminea? 

Whilst all three options will provide you with warmth and an enticing area for you and your friends to gather round in the evenings, they do have their own unique features. Fire pits, fire baskets and chimineas are all freestanding, so they can be set up outside in your garden or patio. The basic design of most fire pits is a 'fire bowl;' or deep tray in which you place your charcoal or wooden logs; you will then be presented with an open flame once lit, although some firepits come with a screen. Due to the vast array of firepit designs now available, they are great for contemporary gardens and modern outdoor spaces.

Chimineas are larger and usually heavier, particularly if made out of cast iron - although this does mean they are more durable. Chimineas are generally much more traditional in their design than firepits.

Can you cook on a firepit or in a chiminea?

The short answer is yes! It is slightly more complicated to cook on a firepit or inside a chiminea than a classic barbecue, however there is no reason you cannot cook delicious food over either a wood fire or charcoal. You will need a grill grate, rotisserie or tripod to hold your food safely above your fuel source. Cooking over a fire will allow you to add that smoky flavour which you cannot emulate with an electric stove.

How much maintenence does a firepit need?

Both firepits and chimineas do require maintenence from time to time, but they are much easier to clean than a traditional barbeuce. Simply remove the old ash with a shovel and scrub down the grill if you have used one. Don't forget each firepit and chiminea will require assembly. By cleaning and maintaining your firepit regularly you will avoid any rust. On each product, we will list the fuel type that can be used. Most chimineas can use any fuel type, however some firepits are limited to just wood. However - ensure you do not use a wood that gives of any resin as these can be poisonous.

We know we're bias - but we think a firepit or chiminea is a great option for your outdoor heating as they're so multifunctional. Not only do they provide an attractive, safe and warm place for you and your friends to relax in your garden throughout the summer nights but can also be used for cooking food.

Don't forget we also have a vast range of garden furniture available both in-store and online at Oldrids & Downtown so that you can relax outside this Summer!