Q Garden 2500w 168mph (270km/h) Garden Blow VacQ Garden 2500w 168mph (270km/h) Garden Blow Vac
Q Garden 2500w 168mph (270km/h) Garden Blow Vac
Keep your garden tidy with this Q Garden Blow Vac & Shredder. Additional Features: 2500 watt electric motor 3 Functions - Blow, Vacuum and Shred 10:1 Mulching Ratio 45 Litre Collecting Capacity with shoulder strap 10 metres cable Weight - 3.7kg
Stihl BGA45 Cordless Blower
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Stihl BGA45 Cordless Blower
The STIHL BGA45 is an easily manoeuvrable cordless blower for cleaning small outdoor areas at home. With a soft handle with lever lock function and lever, the user always has the cordless blower safely under control. The integrated battery cells mean that the tool is optimally balanced. Easy to handle, the streamlined design creates plenty of room for manoeuvre. The remaining working or charging time...

Cobra BP43C Back Pack BlowerCobra BP43C Back Pack Blower
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Cobra BP43C Back Pack Blower
The Cobra BP43C 43cc Backpack Blower is ideal for medium to large areas. Complete with a Cobra easy starting engine and a cruise control setting. Tidying your garden has never been so easy! The Cobra BP43C Backpack Blower with easy starting engine is not only lightweight, but with its ergonomically designed and well-padded carrying frame has improved support and balance. This lightweight but powerful...
EGO LB5301E Blower 16N Force Complete KitEGO LB5301E Blower 16N Force Complete Kit
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EGO LB5301E Blower 16N Force Complete Kit
The EGO LB5301E Cordless Leaf Blower delivers more power than most hand-held petrol blowers on the market, all without the hassle and added weight of petrol and the engine. Designed to be compact and lightweight so that it can be used for longer periods of time comfortably, the EGO LB5301E is the ideal tool for clearing domestic gardens of leaves and small debris. Supplied with a 2.5Ah Lithium Ion...

EGO LB6002E 56V Backpack Leaf BlowerEGO LB6002E 56V Backpack Leaf Blower
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EGO LB6002E 56V Backpack Leaf Blower
For big clean-up operations that need big power, the EGO LB6002E battery-powered backpack blower really packs a punch. The EGO leaf blower employs a 56 volt ARC lithium battery with 40% more power than the leading 40 volt battery, which delivers the performance of petrol without the noise, fuss and fumes. The smooth, high efficiency brushless motor significantly reduces vibration compared to its petrol-powered...

At Oldrids & Downtown we have a wide range of affordable cordless, electric and petrol leaf blowers and garden vacs that are designed to help you keep your garden tidy throughout the autumn and winter months. 

A garden blow vac is an extremely useful garden tool for tackling even the most challenging of tasks when it comes to clearing fallen leaves and light garden debris. Many models now combine both blow and vacuum functions for even more flexibility. You will also find that models such as the Bosch Variable Blow Speed Electric Leaf Blower / Garden Tidy will also shred any fallen leaves and small twigs ready for composting. It is important to clear these leaves because not only will they block light but they can also harbour diseases and insects that can affect the health of your lawn.

It is however important to remember that leaf blowers and blow vacs are not designed to pick up any stones or twigs as they will damage your machine. If you're picking up leaves from a stoney or pebbled area such as a driveway or soil, make sure you first blow your leaves onto grass before you vacuum them up.

Before you buy your blow vac, there is a few questions that you will want to consider first. 

How big is your Garden? - One of the most important questions is how big your garden is and essential how much work you'll need your leaf blower to do. If you have a small garden, then a lightweight electric or cordless blow vac will suit you best. If purchasing an electric model, consider the length of the cable and whether this will comfortably reach your entire garden.

For larger gardens and any remote working, a petrol leaf blower may be the best choice. They provide more power than their electric counterparts and can also be used at any distance from a power source. Many petrol leaf blowers are backpack models that put the bulb of the weight onto your back with padded shoulder straps. This is ideal for the larger powerful models such as the Cobra BP43C Back Pack Blower.

What functions do you need? - In their simplest form, you will find leaf blowers will clear areas of your garden using a strong jet of air - blowing leaves into areas where they can be transferred to compost bins or disposed of. However, some modern models now offer shredding and vacuum functions that make tidying areas of your garden even easier - however these can be more expensive.

What's more, you can also view our range in person at our Downtown Garden Centre - although you will not be able to test them out on the shop floor!