Fiskars HS21 Solid Hedge ShearFiskars HS21 Solid Hedge Shear
Fiskars HS21 Solid Hedge Shear
A reliable and long-lasting tool for trimming bushes and hedges - the Fiskars Solid Hedge Shear HS21 is the ideal choice. Equipped with sturdy, comfortable handles and hardended steel blades, these are a must-have for any keen gardener.
Fiskars HS22 SingleStep Hedge Shear Wavy BladeFiskars HS22 SingleStep Hedge Shear Wavy Blade
Fiskars HS22 SingleStep Hedge Shear Wavy Blade
The Fiskars SingleStep Hedge Shear Wavy Blade is a great addition to any gardener's tool shed. These garden shears incorporate comfortable and sturdy handles made from glass fibre and reinforced polypropylene while the wavy profiled hardened steel blades with a friction reducing coating are perfect for gripping and snipping through hedge branches with ease.

Fiskars HS72 PowerGear Hedge ShearFiskars HS72 PowerGear Hedge Shear
Fiskars HS72 PowerGear Hedge Shear
The Fiskars PowerGear Hedge Shear HS72 is the perfect set of garden shears for hedge trimming and cutting. With lightweight and strong handles made from FiberComp, the HS72 uses the Fiskars PowerGear mechanism to make cutting 3 times easier compared to a standard mechanism. The blades are made from extra hard corrosion resistant steel too, meaning they stay sharper for longer.
Fiskars L28 SingleStep Lopper Bypass Hook Head (S)
Fiskars L28 SingleStep Lopper Bypass Hook Head (S)
With a cutting capacity of 35mm and handles made from lightweight, durable polypropylene, the Fiskars SingleStep Lopper Bypass Hook head is a useful addition for anyone looking to keep their bushes and trees in great shape. Featuring a hook head to grip your branch and keep it in place, the hardened steel blades with their friction reducing coating ensure the cut will be clean and with reduced effort...

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