Catherine Lansfield Extra Fill Hollowfibre Pillow PairCatherine Lansfield Extra Fill Hollowfibre Pillow Pair
Catherine Lansfield Extra Fill Hollowfibre Pillow Pair
Made from a mix of 70% Polyester 30% Cotton, this pillow is machine washable and easy to dry, requiring minimal fluffing. The soft to touch hollowfibre offers a warm yet breathable, lightweight and low maintenance product, perfect for everyday use. Contains 2 pillows.
Kings And Queens Pillow PairKings And Queens Pillow Pair
Kings And Queens Pillow Pair
Kings and Queens Pillow Pairs provide superior comfort and quality for a great nights sleep. Enjoy a lavishly opulent, soft and silky feel, while also offering the benefit of being hypo-allergenic and fully machine washable. Encased in a embossed stripe cover, this range is the perfect touch to transform your bedroom to a luxury royal retreat. Machine Washable at home up to 60 degrees Hypo allergenic. Medium...
rrp £18 £14

Creative Products Leg PillowCreative Products Leg Pillow
Creative Products Leg Pillow
Creative Products Leg Pillow is the ergonomically designed tapered leg pillow that naturally fits the contours of your legs, knees and thighs to help support your spine and provide a good night’s sleep. Aligning, cushioning and cradling your hips while you sleep, giving you posture-friendly support and removing stress and pressure from hips, knees and your lower spine.It s designed to sit comfortably...
The Fine Bedding Company Clusterfull Pillow Pair
The Fine Bedding Company Clusterfull Pillow Pair
The Clusterfull pillow pair is perfect for those who love a fluffy, plump pillow. Filled with fine microfibre clusters and covered in pure cotton for added freshness, it offers medium support for a great night's sleep you'll love. Cover: 100% Cotton. Filling: 100% Polyester blended microfibre Home wash at 40 degrees. Medium Support. Non allergenic. Pure cotton cover. 2 pillows supplied *Packaging...
rrp £30 £24

The Fine Bedding Company Quilted Eco Pillow
The Fine Bedding Company Quilted Eco Pillow
Good sleep is our passion and we believe luxury bedding shouldn't cost the earth. The Fine Bedding Company produce their bedding in their award winning eco factory, powered using energy from certified renewable sources that not only help you sleep better, but are better for the environment. The quilted Eco pillow transforms plastic waste, that would otherwise end up in landfill, into a luxuriously...
The Fine Bedding Company Cool Touch Pillow
The Fine Bedding Company Cool Touch Pillow
Love the cool side of your pillow, but fed up of having to constantly turn it over? Then our Cool Touch Pillow is the perfect solution. A blend of Smartfil Clusters and ProCool fibres, this cooling pillow disperses heat and moisture, leaving it cool all night long. Featuring a phase-changing material core, the Cool Touch pillow has a powerful storage capacity for absorbing heat, only allowing a slow...

The Fine Bedding Company Dual Support Memory Foam Pillow
The Fine Bedding Company Dual Support Memory Foam Pillow
Temperature-sensitive memory foam on one side, luxurious microfibre on the other for the support and comfort you love.Memory Foam base layer moulds perfectly to the contours of your head and neckFilled with a luxurious down-like microfibre blendRemovable Pure Cotton CoverWashable at 60-DegreesNon allergenicSize: 74cm x 48cm (29" x 19")
Protect-A-Bed Snow PillowProtect-A-Bed Snow Pillow
Protect-A-Bed Snow Pillow
Cooling pillow with 'Nordic Chill' fabric which dissipates body heat up to 10 times faster than cotton, creating a cold sleeping climate. Cold to the touch. Filled with shredded memory foam providing comfort and support, perfect for all sleep positions. Dimensions: 60x40cm Sold individually 1 Year guarantee All screens vary in colour reproduction and whilst every effort has been made to display...

Dormeo Octaspring True Evolution PillowDormeo Octaspring True Evolution Pillow
Dormeo Octaspring True Evolution Pillow
The Octaspring True Evolution pillow is designed to offer 3 things above all else. Comfort, Support and a Cool feel at all times. The unique design of the Octaspring Spring allows for supremely comfortable support, something that other pillows rarely offer without compromise. The construction of this spring also allows for truly amazing breathability, which actively cools the pillow when in use. Supportive...
rrp £88.88 £64.99
Hypnos High Profile Latex PillowHypnos High Profile Latex Pillow
Hypnos High Profile Latex Pillow
The superior Hypnos High Profile Latex Pillow shows off irresistibly soft pure latex. The high profile pillow has been created with a high standard to provide the greatest comfort aimed at side and back sleepers, the High Profile has a higher density providing superior support and pressure relief. Latex is breathable, keeping you cool and dry, providing a soothing and relaxing sleep surface. A plush...

Hypnos Low Profile Latex PillowHypnos Low Profile Latex Pillow
Hypnos Low Profile Latex Pillow
Irresistibly soft pure latex. Ideal for stomach and back sleepers, the Hypnos Low Profile Latex Pillow instantly cradles your head and neck providing superior comfort, support and pressure relief. Latex is breathable, keeping you cool and dry, providing a soothing and relaxing sleep surface. A plush velour removable cover graces the surface of the pillow, leaving the latex room to breathe with its...
Tempur Cloud PillowTempur Cloud Pillow
tempur 3 year guarantee
Tempur Cloud Pillow
Filled with specially developed TEMPUR ES (Extra Soft) material, the TEMPUR Cloud Pillow provides an innovative balance of softness and support, ideal for those who love what TEMPUR offers but with a dreamy softer feel. Removable washable cover 3 Year guarantee Classic Rectangular Shape Provides a soft sumptuous comfort level The dual sided soft textured cover is removable for washing at 40...
rrp £130 £95

Tempur Comfort PillowTempur Comfort Pillow
tempur 3 year guarantee
Tempur Comfort Pillow
TEMPUR comfort and support can still be found in the classic rectangular shape we all know so well. With a washable luxurious fabric cover, the TEMPUR Comfort Pillow also fit easily into a standard pillow case, combining the pressure-relieving comfort and support of TEMPUR in a familiar rectangular pillow design which you can fluff and puff just the way you like it. 3 year guarantee Classic rectangular...
rrp £130 £95
Tempur Original PillowTempur Original Pillow
tempur 3 year guarantee
Tempur Original Pillow
The contours of all TEMPUR Ergonomic Original Support Pillows have been designed for those who need a more therapeutic sleeping posture, by following the body's natural curve, supporting your head, neck and shoulders. Because people come in different shapes and sizes, there is a variety of forms to choose from. Typically the broader your shoulders, the higher the pillow you need. Removable washable...
rrp £130 £95

Having the right pillow is essential to a good night's sleep, and at Oldrids & Downtown we stock a range of quality brands to provide you with a comfortable place to lay your head. So if you have a new mattress or bedding set, all that is left is a soft new pillow.

Pillows might look small and simple, but as with any other bedding item, they come in a wide variety of designs and with features to choose from. These include various sizes, fillings, cover materials and firmness levels.

Firstly you must consider what type of pillow suits your requirements best. If you are planning on buying new pillows for your bedroom, you are probably looking for standard bed pillows. These are simple, rectangular pillows that you rest your head on to go to sleep. However, standard does not necessarily mean on size fits all: A standard pillow is approximately 50cm high and 75cm wide but you can also get square pillows (65 x 65cm) and kingsize pillows which are 50 x 90cm. Some other varieties of pillows include body pillows and neck pillows which provide additional support for travelling on planes.

Once you have decided what type of pillow you want to buy, you now have to decide what fill suits you best. Different fillings offer different levels of support as well as having different care and wash options; as well as different pricing levels. At Oldrids you can choose from a range of pillows including synthetic & hypoallergenic fibres, feather & down, cotton or wool alternatives. Memory foam pillows are also a popular option, particularly for those with a Tempur bed or mattress.

Where possible we will try to inform you of each pillow's firmness level as some people will prefer a firmer level of support whilst others prefer their head to sink into the pillow when they sleep.

We also appreciate that you may have a few questions about our range of pillows before you buy, that's why we have a few our our frequently asked questions and answers below:

What is the best pillow to buy? - Pillows come to down to personal preference. A medium firmness is the most common throughout our range, where you will find washable pillows that are hypo allergenic, filled with smartfil fibres or blended microfibres. Most pillows have a cotton cover for guaranteed comfort. 

What is the best pillow to sleep on? - If you have neck or back pain, you will not get the support you need from a soft firmness or down filled pillow. Down filled pillows are traditionally more luxurious; these are filled with tiny, soft underfeathers from geese or ducks as the stuffing won't escape and poke through the cover. Ultimately your choice of pillow depends on your sleeping position. Broadly speaking, those who sleep on their side need more support and therefore a firmer pillow; on your back you may need a medium pillow, whilst on your front your would need the least support.

What is the most comfortable pillow? - Again this depends on your personal preference. Cotton covers ensure that you will have a smooth feel on your face. Some also opt for two pillows rather than one underneath their heads for extra support. 

Once you have chosen your pillow, don't forget to check our range of bedding sets and pillowcases where you can create the perfect relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom.