If you need some indoor lighting for you home, then you're in the right place. At Oldrids & Downtown we have a fantastic selection of ceiling lights, pendant lights, table lamps, floor lamps and lamp shades that are guaranteed to brighten any home.

Find a fixture to suit your needs, with lights available in a range of styles from traditional to contemporary, modern industrial looks to rustic, vintage finishes. We also have a range of light bulbs available to complement your new light including halogen and LED lightbulbs. For all things lighting, Oldrids & Downtown has you covered. Below we have a short guide in to the different types of lighting we have available:

Table Lamps - Also known as bedside lamps, these are great feature pieces for placing in the corner of a room on a nest of tables or lamp table. Table lamps are available in both modern and classic finishes, and usually come with a lamp shade at the top. We have some great contemporary pieces from Pacific Lifestyle that will look great in any modern home, as well as some beautiful and colourful table lamps from Voyage Maison with either a stunning tripod wooden base or rounded ceramic base.

Ceiling Lights - A ceiling light is the main light source in a room, offering a practical and efficient way to fill an entire room with bright light. There a lot of varieties of ceiling light to choose from including pendant ceiling lights, chandeliers, flush ceiling lights, downlights and track lighting. Always consider the area of the room you will be placing your new ceiling light and the function it will have. Ceiling lights can vary in height and the light they project, creating a dynamic environment in your home.

Floor Lamps - Free-standing floor lamps are great for not only providing a fixed light to one point in the room, but also as a feature piece. They stand out and can make an impact in your room. Tripod floor lamps are popular in the modern home, whilst some floor lamps can overhang to where you are sitting. Consider the dimensions and scale of your room. In modern flats or small rooms, a tall floor lamp can actually make your room feel smaller, whereas in larger rooms a small floor lamp will look out of place. The Mother and Child LED Floor Lamp is a popular lamp with our customers.

Wall Lights - Provide an alternative lighting angle with a wall light that also adds an interesting feature to any room. Often used as part of a larger lighting scheme, wall lights are both functional and decorative and can be found throughout the home where regular activities take place such as the living room or kitchen. There is a range types of wall lights including wall flush lights, wall spotlights, swing arms, bathroom wall lights, candle wall lights and outdoor wall lights.

Ceiling & Lamp Shades - The perfect light or lamp shade provides a striking centrepiece in any room with size, colour, shape and material. Shades are usually measured against a few factors including the size, style and colour of your room and whether you want your shade to blend in or stand out. You then must also consider whether your lamp will be your primary light source and the bulb you plan on using. The main lamp and light shades are glass pendant shades, fabric pendant shades and even paper shades.