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Why choose a rug from Oldrids?

An essential for any home where you want some home comfort, Rugs are a brilliant choice for adding some texture to your living space and comfort underfoot. Throughout our online range you will find a diverse selection of sizes and designs to help you create a contemporary or traditional look in your home.

Choosing the right colour & pattern

Rugs, when used to make a statement in your room, you must create a contrast from the existing flooring colour. For example, a cream or neutral coloured rug will not stand out on a light wood or pale carpet. Also consider your existing furniture, complimenting the room décor rather than conflicting with your sofa.

Space and Size

A rectangular rug is perfect for larger rooms, and at Oldrids & Downtown, they are available in a variety of sizes. Square rugs are useful for defining different zones and circular rugs are ideal for smaller rooms or with furniture of similar shape such as a round dining table. Dark rugs also make a room feel more intimate, whilst lighter rugs make smaller spaces appear larger.

Wool vs Synthetic

There are benefits to both wool and synthetic rugs. Wool is extremely soft, versatile and cosy as well as being stain resistant and available in a variety of colours and patterns - however they are often the more expensive. Synthetic rugs are also available in a range of designs; they are man-made and more affordable.

Caring for your Rug

Keeping your rug in top condition is always a top priority. We have some top tips for you. Ensure you vacuum regularly as this will ensure it does not 'fluff' or shed. Deal with stains as quickly as possible by blotting spillages - do not rub them. The only rugs that are safe to bleach are 100% polypropylene. A sprayed mop or sponge is also great for picking up pet hair.

Types of Rug

From large, room sized rugs to round circular rugs and runners, you can find a wide variety of options with Oldrids & Downtown. We also offer a variety of styles, from modern geometric designs to more traditional rugs in floral, fringed or plain designs. Funkier rugs make great focal points in a room, whilst more simple rugs add a luxurious touch.

Where to put your Rug

Thinking of where to place your new rug is one of the most important decisions you can make. There are no set rules when it comes to rug placement, however a general rule of thumb is to allow roughly 18 inches of uncovered floor space around the border of your living room rug. However you must also take into account the size and location of your room.