Addis Superdry MopAddis Superdry Mop
Addis Superdry Mop
Perfect for cleaning large surface areas. The Superdry mop from Addis features a head that includes an antibacterial sponge, that reduces odours and prolongs the mop life. The large head cleans floors fast, also you are also able to the the dry the head out by squeezing and the Integrated scraper is great for removing those stubborn marks. Dimensions: 200mm x 125mm x 1255mm (W x D x H) Integrated...
Addis Microfibre Flat Mop
Addis Microfibre Flat Mop
Addis have created a mop that is superb for hardwood and laminate floors. With the mircofibre head that is perfect for giving a delicate and caring clean to your floors and there will be no need for you to use cleaning chemicals. The microfibres are designed to lift and trap dirt effortlessly. Can be used on either dry or slightly damp. Coming with a adjustable handle that allows you to adjust the...
rrp £16.99 £15

Addis Long Handle Dust Pan Set
Addis Long Handle Dust Pan Set
Addis have designed a long handled dustpan set that is a perfect for removing the backache that you would get from a traditional dustpan and brush set. Great way to clean the floor, providing you with a sweeping brush as well as someway to store any dirt. Dimensions: 240mm x 190mm x 870mm (W x D x H )
rrp £18.49 £18

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