Bosch GlassVac Solo Window CleanerBosch GlassVac Solo Window Cleaner
Bosch GlassVac Solo Window Cleaner
Perfect wiping power without streaking, the Bosch GlassVac window cleaner has an automative rubber coating, providing a smooth glide for fast results. Ideal for cleaning windows, mirrors, tiles, showers and vacuuming up spillages, the Bosch GlassVac has a compact design for easier handling and can clean up to 35 windows in 1 charge. Features: 30 minutes run time 3.6v 2Ah lithium-ion battery 130...
Addis Superdry Plus MopAddis Superdry Plus Mop
Addis Superdry Plus Mop
Addis have designed the ultimate mop to clean your house with. In a single sweep it cleans, abosrbs and dries, helping to make this an critical part of your arsenal if you have pets at home. Acting like a sweeping mop by collecting everything in its' path. When you put the mop in water an hair, dirt or dust with simply disperse. The mop features an antibacterial agent that is designed to help prolong...
rrp £13.49 £12

Addis Microfibre Flat Mop
Addis Microfibre Flat Mop
Addis have created a mop that is superb for hardwood and laminate floors. With the mircofibre head that is perfect for giving a delicate and caring clean to your floors and there will be no need for you to use cleaning chemicals. The microfibres are designed to lift and trap dirt effortlessly. Can be used on either dry or slightly damp. Coming with a adjustable handle that allows you to adjust the...
rrp £16.99 £15
Addis Long Handle Dust Pan Set
Addis Long Handle Dust Pan Set
Addis have designed a long handled dustpan set that is a perfect for removing the backache that you would get from a traditional dustpan and brush set. Great way to clean the floor, providing you with a sweeping brush as well as someway to store any dirt. Dimensions: 240mm x 190mm x 870mm (W x D x H )
rrp £18.49 £18

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