Neat Ideas Supreme Duster
Neat Ideas Supreme Duster
Supreme Duster. This is the original Supreme Duster. The flexible design of the duster allows it to be used in even the most difficult to reach places, behind radiators and over the fittings beneath worktops. The soft fibres of the Supreme Duster collect and hold dust electrostatically and won’t damage fine surfaces so it’s perfect for using on furniture, walls and pelmets. Has handy loop...
Neat Ideas 5065 Radiator BrushNeat Ideas 5065 Radiator Brush
Neat Ideas 5065 Radiator Brush
This handy Radiator Brush cleans radiators and small vents in anything from tumble dryers to cars. Made from real goat hair, it picks up dust as it moves through narrow spaces and the long, flexible neck allows you to clean even the most difficult-to-reach places.

Addis Replacement Microfibre Flat Mophead
Addis Replacement Microfibre Flat Mophead
Addis have created a mophead that is superb for hardwood and laminate floors. This mircofibre head that is perfect for giving a delicate and caring clean to your floors and there will be no need for you to use cleaning chemicals. The microfibres are designed to lift and trap dirt effortlessly. Can be used on either dry or slightly damp. Dimensions: 145mm x 270mm x 35mm (W x H x D) Designed for...
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