Hot Wheels 5 Car Giftpack
Hot Wheels 5 Car Giftpack
This set of five authentic, cool vehicles if perfect for kids and collectors alike! Each authentic, die-cast model sports exciting colours and eye-catching deco. Includes five vehicles with die-cast parts Vehicles included may vary
Hot Wheels Bridge Stunt KitHot Wheels Bridge Stunt Kit
Hot Wheels Bridge Stunt Kit
There are no limits to the stunts your kids can build with the Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Bridge Kit! Fuel their imagination to build outrageous track stunts with the addition of bricks. Test their timing skills by jumping off the motorized bridge over the epic gap. And when they're up for a new challenge. Re-configure and combine with other tracks and bricks to crank up the competition by challenging...

Hot Wheels 20 Car Pack
Hot Wheels 20 Car Pack
Reward your child or your inner child with Hot Wheels cars! This pack is trunkloads of fun with 20 Hot Wheels vehicles included. Collectors and car enthusiasts admire these amazing 1:64 scale vehicles with fondness and reverence. Kids love them to play with their track sets or to enjoy push around play. These cars feature classic decos and hot designs. Open window packaging displays the entire set...
Hot Wheels Construction Crash KitHot Wheels Construction Crash Kit
Hot Wheels Construction Crash Kit
Combine Hot Wheels Track Builder and bricks for epic Hot Wheels action! There are 4+ unique builds with 4+ different pay offs with the Track Builder Blast It Kit. Take the checked flag or send brick builds flying, launching cars and causing total destruction. Launch your cars on tracks and configure sets with brick components to foster creativity and experimentation! Re-configure and customize with...

Hot Wheels Fast & Furious 3 Car Pack
Hot Wheels Fast & Furious 3 Car Pack
Fast & Furious is an American franchise that includes action films centered on illegal street racing and heists. The lines between good and bad blur in this exciting film series that has at its irresistible core super-fast, thrilling cars! Fast & Furious Vehicle 3 Pack include cars modeled on vehicles and themes from the films. The cars are stylized with details and decos that stay true to...
Hot Wheels Forza MotorsportHot Wheels Forza Motorsport
Hot Wheels Forza Motorsport
This assortment of Hot Wheels Forza Motosport vehicles celebrates the most sought after models with this assortment that includes the '09 Ford Focus RS, McLaren P1, BMW M4, Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4, 13 SRT Viper and AMC Javelin AMX! Collect them all or add your favourite to your collection. Each model has authentic graphics, awesome details and exclusive packaging. Die-cast vehicles Realistic...

Hot Wheels Roto RevolutionHot Wheels Roto Revolution
Hot Wheels Roto Revolution
Crank up the competition with the Hot Wheels Roto Revolution? Track Set! This interactive, skill-based set drives problem solving with exciting Hot Wheels action while also thrilling racers with super-fast face-offs! Players are put to the test as they strategically launch their Hot Wheels cars into the rotating set. The challenging action fuels kids' imaginations as they work to perfect their timing...
Hot Wheels Stunt BoxHot Wheels Stunt Box
Hot Wheels Stunt Box
Start building an epic world of Hot Wheels tracks or add on to an existing track set with new brick components to foster creativity and experimentation! Re-configure and customize with bricks and Track Pivot Points for nearly endless configurations. This impressive kit is a great way to start your Track Builder collection! Many of the items in this kit have more than one use, so kids can keep their...