Enchantimals Themed PackEnchantimals Themed Pack
Enchantimals Themed Pack
These storytelling packs, inspired by the world of Enchantimals, are positively enchanting with a six-inch doll, two animal friends and accessories that create a friendly scene. Choose from themes that include a bear picnic (with picnic basket, blanket and food), an owl sleepover (with nest-themed bed, storybook and snack), a flamingo birthday party (with table, gift and cake), a pig bakery (with oven,...
Enchantimals Playset
Enchantimals Playset
This panda playhouse set, inspired by the world of Enchantimals, is absolutely enchanting! The exclusive Enchantimals Prue Panda doll and her panda friend Nari are right at home with multiple levels and plenty of rooms to play out forest days and fantasy stories. There's a kitchen with a table and seating, plus food for the two friends. The bathroom has dual accessories for toilets and sinks with...

Enchantimals Food Stand & VehicleEnchantimals Food Stand & Vehicle
Enchantimals Food Stand & Vehicle
Let these Enchantimals play sets enchant you. Each features a rolling accessory along with an exclusive Enchantimals doll, her animal friend and smaller pieces that fit the theme. Choose between Enchantimals Merit Monkey doll with a fruit cart and Enchantimals Taylee Turtle doll with a tricycle. The six-inch Enchantimals dolls in these sets have rooted color hairstyles and animal-inspired facial features,...
Enchantimals Multipack - Bunny Doll/Deer Doll
Enchantimals Multipack - Bunny Doll/Deer Doll
Get wild with this Enchantimals gardening-themed gift set that lets imagination grow! It comes with two six-inch Enchantimals dolls -- Fluffy Bunny doll and Danessa Deer doll -- Sprint deer, Mop bunny, a flower plot with flowers and themed accessories. Each piece is enchanting, especially the blue flower plot that has four removable flowers and a hook on each end that can hold the two gardening tools....