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LEGO DUPLO Number TrainLEGO DUPLO Number Train
LEGO DUPLO Number Train
The LEGO DUPLO Number Train will introduce your toddler to numbers and counting in a fun and colourful way. The large chunky Number Train set features 2 LEGO DUPLO figures, a cat figure, three wagons and a locomotive, allowing you to rebuild and play in a variety of ways. Two LEGO DUPLO child figures and a cat figure included Includes decorated bricks with numbers 0 to 9 This set includes 23 pieces Dimensions: Train...
LEGO DUPLO Mater's ShedLEGO DUPLO Mater's Shed
LEGO DUPLO Mater's Shed
Young fans of the Disney Pixar Cars film will love playing and building the LEGO DUPLO Mater's Shed. Play with Mater around his shed, driving around cones and carrying out repairs with his wrench. This easy to build set has been designed to aid in developing children's motor skills and practise role-play by pretending to video call Lightning McQueen. Buildable Mater with tow hook included Bricks...

LEGO DUPLO Piston Cup RaceLEGO DUPLO Piston Cup Race
LEGO DUPLO Piston Cup Race
Join Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm in an exciting fast paced race for the Piston Cup with the LEGO DUPLO Piston Cup Race set. Fans from around the world will line up to see who's the fastest car in the world, Lightning McQueen or Jackson Storm. This Disney Pixar Cars 3 LEGO DUPLO set has been designed to encourage early years building and aid in refining motor skills. Lightning McQueen, Jackson...
LEGO DUPLO Batwing AdventureLEGO DUPLO Batwing Adventure
LEGO DUPLO Batwing Adventure
Help Batman™ chase The Penguin and retrieve the stolen treasure in the exciting LEGO DUPLO Batwing Adventures set. Encourage your little one's imagination and building skills with this action-packed set that features Batman™ and the Batwing with shooting cannon, The Penguin and his duck vehicle and a penguin with slide. Batman™, The Penguin and penguin figures included The LEGO...

LEGO DUPLO Birthday PartyLEGO DUPLO Birthday Party
LEGO DUPLO Birthday Party
Recreate your favourite days out with the LEGO DUPLO Birthday Party set or combine with other LEGO DUPLO My Town pieces to create an exciting new story. The LEGO DUPLO Birthday Party set will encourage your child to use their imagination while playing and teach them basic building skills. This fun set comes with three figures and a squirrel, rocking seesaw, buildable tree and a variety of fun accessories. The...
LEGO DUPLO Family PetsLEGO DUPLO Family Pets
LEGO DUPLO Family Pets
The LEGO DUPLO Family Pets will allow you to add your favourite furry creatures to your LEGO DUPLO play and create more story telling options. You can throw the flying disc for the dog to fetch, groom the cat with the brush or feed the rabbit yummy carrots. This set includes a rabbit, cat, dog and bird Each animal comes with a related accessory - flying disc for the dog, brush for the cat, birdbath...

LEGO DUPLO My First BirdLEGO DUPLO My First Bird
LEGO DUPLO My First Bird
The LEGO DUPLO My First Bird is an ideal gift for any toddler who enjoys birds, building or vibrant toys. This easy to build parrot will help your little one develop early construction skills and fine motor skills as they go. Encourage imaginative play by combining the bricks in different ways to make all sorts of colourful birds. Buildable bird Promotes basic building skills Inspire and encourage...
LEGO DUPLO My First BricksLEGO DUPLO My First Bricks
LEGO DUPLO My First Bricks
With a great selection of LEGO DUPLO bricks included, the LEGO DUPLO My First Bricks will provide your toddler with hours of building fun with endless possibilities. These brightly coloured bricks include some with double-sided decoration, a propeller and building cards to get them on their way. Promotes the development of imagination and construction skills Includes double-sided decorated bricks...

Your toddler will love to build and play with their new LEGO DUPLO My First Bus set. This easy to build set includes 4 wheels and window bricks decorated with characters to encourage imaginative play. Buildable bus with wheels and decorated windows Helps develop construction and motor skills This set includes 6 pieces Dimensions: Bus: 6cm (W) x 9cm (D) x 7cm (H) Suitable for children 1½...
LEGO DUPLO My First CarouselLEGO DUPLO My First Carousel
LEGO DUPLO My First Carousel
The exciting LEGO DUPLO My First Carousel set will teach your toddler the basics of cause and effects by using the turning gearwheels. This fun carousel set will promote imaginative play and comes with three children, decorated bricks and two buildable trees. Three LEGO DUPLO child figures and a bid figure included Includes bricks decorated as a ball, doll and a toy digger as story starters This...

LEGO DUPLO My First PlaneLEGO DUPLO My First Plane
LEGO DUPLO My First Plane
Your toddler will have hours of fun building and playing with the LEGO DUPLO My First Plane set. The My First Plane set has been designed to develop fine motor skills and with a decorated window brick your little one will be encourage to create imaginative stories. Features a buildable plane with turning propeller Double-sided window brick included This set can be rebuilt into a boat or helicopter This...
Great for encouraging role play and developing fine motor skills and basic building skills, the colourful LEGO DUPLO Pizzeria comes with two LEGO DUPLO customers, a LEGO DUPLO chef, motorcycle, pizzas and pizzeria. LEGO® DUPLO® figures: a restaurant owner, dad and a child included Buildable pizzeria with restaurant accessories Teach eating etiquette of eating out through play This set...

LEGO DUPLO PreschoolLEGO DUPLO Preschool
LEGO DUPLO Preschool
Prepare your toddler for their first day at preschool with the fun and colourful LEGO DUPLO Preschool set. Create your own little preschool school and teach your toddler how to interact with other toddlers and what they can expect on their first day at preschool. The LEGO DUPLO Preschool set includes a fabric playmat, classroom accessories, LEGO DUPLO preschool teach and two children. Three LEGO...
LEGO DUPLO Town Knight Tournament
LEGO DUPLO Town Knight Tournament
Mount the brave knight on his trusty steed with his lance and sword and watch as he wins the tournament for the fair maiden in the audience.Age 2-516 Pieces.