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Lego Friends Advent CalendarLego Friends Advent Calendar
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Lego Friends Advent Calendar
Open the LEGO® Friends Advent Calendar each day in December to add a piece to your Christmas party scene. Includes a Stephanie mini-doll figure in a calendar with 24 secret compartments, each containing its own buildable surprise. Includes a Stephanie mini-doll figure in a festive outfit. Features 24 gifts, each enclosed in its own compartment in a LEGO® Friends holiday-themed calendar. Open...
LEGO FRIENDS Snow Resort Hot Chocolate VanLEGO FRIENDS Snow Resort Hot Chocolate Van
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LEGO FRIENDS Snow Resort Hot Chocolate Van
Treat yourself to a nice warm hot chocolate complete with whipped cream - just what you need after a skiing session on the slopes! Drive and play in the hot chocolate van with rotating hot chocolate mug icon on top for all to see. Inside there’s a hot chocolate machine with whipped cream and cookies to sell. Outside there’s a table for customers and a double slide with 2 sledges for endless...

LEGO FRIENDS Snow Resort Ice RinkLEGO FRIENDS Snow Resort Ice Rink
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LEGO FRIENDS Snow Resort Ice Rink
Take to the ice with the LEGO® Friends Snow Resort Ice Rink that features its very own outdoor rink with opening doors, hockey goals and a seating area. You can also give a performance on the revolving stage at the skating lodge, hire hockey and skating equipment and buy yourself a treat at the pretzel shop. There’s even a tree where a friendly bunny lives. Features: Includes Stephanie...
LEGO FRIENDS Snow Resort Ski LiftLEGO FRIENDS Snow Resort Ski Lift
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LEGO FRIENDS Snow Resort Ski Lift
The ultimate winter sports resort for friends from Heartlake City. The LEGO® Friends Snow Resort Ski Lift is packed full of activities to keep you busy all winter! Enjoy the mountaintop restaurant, working ski lift, ski slope sliding function, rock climbing wall, ski hire stand, trail map and the little bear with his own slope and mountain cave. Features: Includes Mia and Olivia mini-doll...

LEGO FRIENDS Sunshine CatamaranLEGO FRIENDS Sunshine Catamaran
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LEGO FRIENDS Sunshine Catamaran
Complete with its very own sun deck, pool, bridge, slide, spiral stairs, garage and sliding doors into the living quarters, enjoy a luxury cruise on the LEGO® Friends Sunshine Catamaran. The top lifts off to reveal the kitchen, bedrooms and lounge with a clear bottom. Use the personal water scooter to pull the banana boat or inflatable ring, and play with the friendly dolphin all day long. Features: Includes...
LEGO FRIENDS Andrea's Speedboat TransporterLEGO FRIENDS Andrea's Speedboat Transporter
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LEGO FRIENDS Andrea's Speedboat Transporter
Cruise the Heartlake coastline by land or sea in the fabulous LEGO® Friends Andrea’s Speedboat Transporter. The sporty beach car has a trailer and rope for towing, and the speedboat has steering controls and a turning propeller. Enjoy the party scene with a juice bar, beach area, sun loungers and a barbecue. Includes 2 mini-doll figures and a turtle figure. Features: Includes Andrea and...

LEGO FRIENDS Heartlake HospitalLEGO FRIENDS Heartlake Hospital
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LEGO FRIENDS Heartlake Hospital
With 3 floors of medical rooms and equipment to treat the sick and injured, the LEGO® Friends Heartlake Hospital will allow children to invent endless stories around caring and nurturing people back to health. There’s a nursery with crib and weighing scales, an x-ray suite with scanner and lightbox, and an examination room with a bed and microscope for checking samples. The downstairs waiting...
LEGO FRIENDS Heartlake Surf ShopLEGO FRIENDS Heartlake Surf Shop
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LEGO FRIENDS Heartlake Surf Shop
Hire a range of watersports equipment, from surfboards, a kayak and paddle to flippers and a waterproof camera from the LEGO® Friends Heartlake Surf Shop. Outside there’s a beach area with sun lounger and shower, a jetty with buoys and a rock, which is home to a seal figure. Inside, there is also a cash register and all kinds of holiday supplies. Features: Includes a Mia mini-doll figure...

LEGO FRIENDS Snow Resort ChaletLEGO FRIENDS Snow Resort Chalet
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LEGO FRIENDS Snow Resort Chalet
Complete with an outdoor hot tub, kitchen and a lounge area with log fire, the LEGO® Friends Snow Resort Chalet is the perfect holiday retreat. Upstairs there’s a bedroom with 3 beds, vanity and a dog bed. There’s also a cool snowmobile for exploring and a cute husky puppy to look after. Features: Includes Andrea and Amy mini-doll figures in winter outfits, plus a Luna the husky...
LEGO FRIENDS Emma's Photo StudioLEGO FRIENDS Emma's Photo Studio
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LEGO FRIENDS Emma's Photo Studio
Help Emma get ready for her photo shoot with the LEGO FRIENDS Emma's Photo Studio set. With everything you need to take great pictures, place Chico the cat or other LEGO FRIENDS in front of the backdrop and you're ready to shoot. Emma mini-doll figure and Chico the cat included Backdrop with lights and scenery, tripod, photographic umbrella, desk and grooming station included Make a garden scene...

LEGO FRIENDS Heartlake Gift DeliveryLEGO FRIENDS Heartlake Gift Delivery
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LEGO FRIENDS Heartlake Gift Delivery
Help Stephanie make her deliveries on time with the LEGO FRIENDS Heartlake Gift Delivery set, featuring a van, shop with gift stand, mailbox and cash register. Stephanie must pick her orders from the gift stand, pack them and then use the sack truck to help her load them into the van for delivery. Stephanie mini-doll figure included Sack truck, two gift boxes, two balloons, two party hats, two...
LEGO FRIENDS Heartlake PizzeriaLEGO FRIENDS Heartlake Pizzeria
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LEGO FRIENDS Heartlake Pizzeria
Enjoy the best pizza that Heartlake has to offer, the LEGO FRIENDS Heartlake Pizzeria has all the tools you need to play at making fresh pizza. Once you have cooked your delicious pizzas serve up or have Oliver deliver them on the scooter. Emma and Oliver mini-doll figures included Two story pizzeria and scooter Pizza base, three pizzas with different toppings, pizza slice, pizza paddle, frying...

LEGO FRIENDS Heartlake Sports CentreLEGO FRIENDS Heartlake Sports Centre
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LEGO FRIENDS Heartlake Sports Centre
The Heartlake sports centre is the place to hang out with your friends in heartlake. Get active and have fun with LEGO FRIENDS in the Heartlake Sports Centre set. The Heartlake Sports Centre is complete with punch bag, gymnastic rings, juice bar, treadmill and yoga studio. Mia and Robert mini-doll figures included The Heartlake Sports Centre includes sliding door, two opening lockers, gym with...
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Parade your show winning pooches through Heartlake with the Puppy Parade limo from LEGO FRIENDS. With plenty of space inside the limo for all of the LEGO FRIENDS puppies. Andrea mini-doll figure and Apollo included A limo with doggy features, a podium and a buildable TV camera A golden trophy, dog bowl, dog biscuit, bone, bow and a microphone included Suitable for ages 5 years and older Lime...

LEGO FRIENDS Stephanie's HouseLEGO FRIENDS Stephanie's House
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LEGO FRIENDS Stephanie's House
Explore and play with Stephanie, James, Alicia and Chili in the Stephanie's House set from LEGO FRIENDS. With a kitchen with bay window, opening fridge and oven, lounge with television and spiral staircase up to a bedroom with curved balcony, shower room and an office. Stephanie, James and Alicia mini-dolls and Chili the rabbit included Downstairs features an opening front door, hallway with opening...
LEGO FRIENDS Stephanies Soccer Practice
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LEGO FRIENDS Stephanies Soccer Practice
Train with Stephanie and Scarlett for the big match coming up. Set up the football pitch with the goal, cones and bench and see how many penalties you can get but watch out as Scarlett is trying to get the ball too.Includes Stephanie mini-doll figure and her dog, Scarlett