Magformers My First Tiny Friends SetMagformers My First Tiny Friends Set
Magformers My First Tiny Friends Set
Introducing your child to the world of 3D building for the first time, The My First Tiny Friends set is an excellent tool for learning about shapes and colours. Suitable for both preschoolers and Key Stage 1 schoolchildren, this Magformers set contains 20 pieces in 3 different shapes. The My First Tiny Friends set is compatible with all Magformers shapes and accessories, High-quality durable ABS...
Magformers Neon Led SetMagformers Neon Led Set
Magformers Neon Led Set
The Magformers Neon LED set allows for fantastic magnetic constructions as well as the ability to light up with the special LED block. This particular pack contains 30 regular Magformers blocks and one LED piece. Use the LED to set up a variety of colours. The Neon LED set is compatible with all Magformers shapes and accessories. Contents: 12 x triangular pieces and 18 x square pieces, 1 x LED...

Magformers 14 SetMagformers 14 Set
Magformers 14 Set
Create 3D structures by magnetically connecting the multi coloured shapes together. There are 14 pieces for your little ones to use. The Magformers allow your child to reinforce skills and brain development. They can combine the shapes into geometric shapes such as rectangles, large squares and rhombs as well as houses, small castles and spheres. For ages 3 and up.
Magformers Space Wow SetMagformers Space Wow Set
Magformers Space Wow Set
The Magformers Space Wow set is the perfect gift for a child that loves everything about space. As well as the basic building blocks, there are also extra accessories, including a satalite dish, wheels and an astronaut figure. Alltogether this set contains 22 pieces. The set includes 20 double-sided study cards illustrating cool projects such as a space station, moon buggy and plenty of different...

Magformers Mini Dinosaur SetMagformers Mini Dinosaur Set
Magformers Mini Dinosaur Set
An excellent gift for the young explorers of the Past! Allows your child to recreate the formidable dinosaurs with 40 pieces in 10 different geometric shapes Alongside a detailed book, this will be a great way to help your child learn about the names and shapes of these incredible beasts. Compatible with all Magformers shapes and accessories, High-quality durable ABS Plastic. Colour: Multi-Coloured, Age:...
Magformers My First Magformers 30Magformers My First Magformers 30
Magformers My First Magformers 30
My First Magformers is a set designed to be an intordusction for your toddler into the world of magnetic construction. It will allow them to learn and distinguish both shapes and colours. The My First Magformers contains 30 pieces for your child to use, 12 triangles and 18 squares and a handy booklet with plenty of ideas to try out. This Magformers set is compatible with all Magformers shapes and...