We should never underestimate the importance of sleep. All our products are designed to ensure that at the end of the day our customers can drift off in total comfort and luxury and get the great night’s sleep they deserve.

The following guide is designed to help you choose the duvet which is right for you.


Choosing the cover

Our ranges are available in a variety of covers and designs. The two key types of fabric we use are:

Polyester Microfibre- these covers will change the way you feel about microfibre forever! Not only are they breathable, but our microfibre polyester covers are brushed to provide a luxurious peachsoft finish that feels even softer than cotton.

Cotton- our natural cotton covers are the ultimate in luxury, whilst offering exceptional breathability and freshness. The quality of the cotton is second to none, and adds a final touch of elegance to any product.


Choosing the filling

We offer a range of fillings from synthetic to natural. Our natural duvets come with breathable cotton covers for extra comfort, while clever new synthetic fills contain innovative sleep technology which support a great night’s sleep.



-          Lightweight but with excellent thermal properties

-          Made from natural fibres with all-cotton covers

-          Soft and breathable

-          Durable and resilient

-          Cassette pocket construction for even filling distribution


Tip: Always shake your natural duvet from the side and not the bottom, to prevent the filling from moving between boxes




-          High quality but easy-care

-          Washable for total convenience and fast-drying

-          Hypo-allergenic properties

-          Peachsoft microfibre cover

-          Look out for our innovative Smartfil which is as light as down, thermally efficient and highly breathable


KEY: What is Smartfil? Smartfil refers to our advanced fibre fillings used in our synthetic duvets and pillows.

-          Made up of tiny microfibres which are as resilient as diamonds! But incredibly silky soft to the touch

-          The tiny microfibres slide over each other without friction, enabling a free-flowing filling that shift and shape around you as you sleep

-          The lightest fibre filling available, whilst still providing the same warmth level

-          Multi-layered for superior loft and fluffiness

-          Has a dual performance much like active sportswear- keeps you warm and wicks away humidity


TOP TIP: if you suffer from allergies such as rhinitis, asthma or eczema, we would recommend a synthetic filled duvet.


Choosing your tog rating

A duvet's tog rating is important as it relates to its warmth (but not its weight, which depends on filling).


4.5 tog- Summer lightweight duvet

10.5 tog- Spring/Autumn weight duvet

13.5tog- Winter weight duvet

All-season duvet