Bank Attack Electronic GameBank Attack Electronic Game
Bank Attack Electronic Game
This is an intense and addictive collaborative game where you work together as a team to crack the vault and release the gold hidden inside. Can you get the 50 million dollars? 5 minutes to pull off the heist of the century. Work as a team to crack the vault with 6 levels of addictive and challenging gameplay. Each level increases in intensity and challenge. Make sure you press the right buttons...
Clock It! Interactive GameClock It! Interactive Game
Clock It! Interactive Game
Clock It! is a quick thinking, describing, miming, drawing game, where you really are against the clock. Tap the bells on the light up clock. It will show you the word or picture card you have to describe, draw or mime to the other players on your team. If they guess correctly, tap the clock again to show the next card to play. Say, draw or mime, it's a race against time. If they guess correctly,...

Dinkee - Linkee For KidsDinkee - Linkee For Kids
Dinkee - Linkee For Kids
Meet linkee’s little brother, Dinkee. Kids love a quiz. It’s just that most are too hard or too boring, but not Dinkee! It’s easy to learn, loads of fun and everyone plays at once. Simply answer four questions and work out what links the answers, shout out DINKEE! Get it right and win the card. It is easy-peasy lemon squeezy. Suitable for up to 30 children! Contents: 120 cards,...
Flip Facts Shoot Football Trivia GameFlip Facts Shoot Football Trivia Game
Flip Facts Shoot Football Trivia Game
Calling all football fans! Take on family and friends in this game of footballing higher or lower. Lay out your teams, toss the coin and kick-off! The first player reads their fact and guesses whether the answer is higher or lower than the preceding card. Guess correctly and there’s a chance to move up the pitch. Guess incorrectly and play passes to your opponent. It’s end to end action.Take...

Gibsons Beads & Buttons Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Pieces)Gibsons Beads & Buttons Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Pieces)
Gibsons Beads & Buttons Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Pieces)
Do you have a dress that needs taking in or maybe some lounge curtains that need altering?Joyce's Haberdashery is just the place. Floor to ceiling of gorgeous fabrics and beautiful ribbons, it's a treasure trove of goodies for any aspiring seamstresses. As with all Gibsons jigsaws, the beautifully illustrated pieces are made from the highest quality 100% recycled board and therefore a pleasure to...
Gibsons Best Of British Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Pieces)Gibsons Best Of British Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Pieces)
Gibsons Best Of British Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Pieces)
It's the United Kingdom as you've never seen it before! This puzzle is jam-packed full of landmarks, celebrities, buildings and dishes that make up the Great Britain we know and love! Made from the thickest puzzle board on the market, our 1000 piece puzzles have been manufactured using 100% recycled board of the highest quality.

Gibsons Italian Cafe Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Pieces)Gibsons Italian Cafe Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Pieces)
Gibsons Italian Cafe Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Pieces)
If ever a place could whisk away the troubles of the day, it would be here. Once a fisherman?s harbor, now this quaint southern Sicilian village draws weekenders, beach-dwellers, and romantics. At every turn, the streets and piazzas are lined with stalls of fresh and local food; aubergines, fish, zucchini, tomatoes, and almonds. Like they have for centuries, the shop keepers have watered down the...
Gibsons Village Tombola Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Pieces)Gibsons Village Tombola Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Pieces)
Gibsons Village Tombola Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Pieces)
The annual village fete is crammed full of stalls this year. From homemade bakes to freshly squeezed lemonade, there is plenty to purchase before the Tombola begins. Made from the thickest puzzle board on the market, our 1000 piece puzzles have been manufactured using 100% recycled board of the highest quality.

LINKEE Party GameLINKEE Party Game
LINKEE Party Game
The super-simple, shouty-outy quiz game that does things differently. Firstly, it's a doddle to learn, it takes just two minutes and you're off and running. It's quick too and takes you just 30 minutes to play. There's no twiddling your thumbs waiting for your turn either because everyone plays every card. Win enough letters to spell LINKEE and you've won the game. Simple. Four little questions one...
Rubik's CageRubik's Cage
Rubik's Cage
Drop It….Twist It….Flip It….Win It!It may sound easy to get 3 in a row, but Rubik's Cage is a brain-bending, mind-twisting strategy game, that's not as simple as it may seem. Takes turns to place a Cubie into the Cage and twist one of the Cage's layers to re-shuffle the game. Turn the whole game on its head by flipping the whole Cage over to scramble the Cubies and your opponents...

Rubik's Cube 4X4Rubik's Cube 4X4
Rubik's Cube 4X4
Solving the 4x4 Rubik's Revenge is not as easy as solving the regular Rubik's Cube, it involves grouping the centrepieces and pairing the edge pieces first and only then can you solve it like a regular Rubik's cube. This Rubik's 4x4 is no more difficult to solve than the original 3x3 cube but requires different techniques. Great fun for everyone to try and ideal for those who like problem-solving games...
Rummikub Classic
Rummikub Classic
With brilliant simplicity, Rummikub provides hours of amusement. Each game is as different as the combinations of moves you choose to play. Be the first player to go 'Rummikub' by using all your tiles in 'runs or 'group'. Outwit your opponents with cool strategy and sharp moves. Be the first to lay down all your tiles and shout 'Rummikub! '. Each game is as different as the combinations or moves you...

Shake Off Electronic GameShake Off Electronic Game
Shake Off Electronic Game
Get ready to shake things up with Shake Off! The aim of the game is simple – the more you shake, the more you score! To play, turn the spinner to decide where you and your opponent must wear the shake-o-meter (either on your wrist, ankle, bottom or waist) and how you must move (jump, run or freestyle). Then, once you’re ready, press the timer and start shaking! The winner is the player...
Shark Chase Board GameShark Chase Board Game
Shark Chase Board Game
Can you out swim a shark?! Escape the shark to be the winner, swim too slow and you’ll be his dinner in the Shark Chase game! Players must roll the dice and move the corresponding coloured creatures around the board, aiming to stay ahead of the shark. For each creature that makes it safely to the island, players earn points. The winner is the player with the most points after three rounds. Shark...

Tetris Quake GameTetris Quake Game
Tetris Quake Game
Tetris Shake is the stacking, shaking, strategy game. How will you stack your Tetrimino shapes? Take turns to roll the die and stack the corresponding Tetrimino onto the game unit. The base unit vibrates randomly as you play, and you never know when the Tetriminos will fall. Win the game by being the first player to stack all their Tetrimino shapes. Suitable for ages 7+. Vibrating base unit (requires...
The Great Game Of Britain Board GameThe Great Game Of Britain Board Game
The Great Game Of Britain Board Game
The classic race game along Britain's historic railway networks. A nostalgic board game race, around the historic railway networks of Britain. Be the first cummuter to travel from London to each of your mystery destinations and back again. Watch out for station closures and hazards along the way. Age: 7+. 2-6 players

Think Words Spin GameThink Words Spin Game
Think Words Spin Game
Think Words Spin is the fun, fast-paced game which is simple to play – spin it, name it, take it! How to Play There are 7 ways to play Think Words Spin, here’s one of them… 1) Spin…the spinner until it stops. 2) Match…the colour to select the category and letter. 3) Shout…out the answer first to win the card! Suitable for ages 7+. Contains: 1 Spinner, 80...
Total Action Football - Five A SideTotal Action Football - Five A Side
Total Action Football - Five A Side
The fast paced realistic 5 a side table-top football game with magnetic action so each player can pass, shoot or trap the ball. Features power-strike action, glide-ball easy player slide technology and diving goalie! Suitable for ages 6+. Includes 10 players, 1 playing mat pitch, 2 goals, barriers, 4 corner flags, 2 magnetic footballs and sticker sheet

Triominos Classic De LuxeTriominos Classic De Luxe
Triominos Classic De Luxe
Triominos is the fascinating game variation of dominoes but with triangular pieces. Every Triomino is unique because it only occurs once in the game so it must be used wisely to gain you extra points. Who can score the highest number of points to be the winner? The classic triangular domino game, with plenty of fun for all of the family. Features sturdy plastic Triomino tiles with big, easy-to-read...
Triominos Sunshine
Triominos Sunshine
Add a new Dimension to the classic family game of dominoes. Use triangular pieces with sides worth different points to compete against friends and family as you try to score the highest by matching tiles together. Complete with sunshine yellow carry bag. Suitable for ages 6+

Connect and have fun with all of the family with the perfect Board Game or Puzzle. At Oldrids & Downtown we have a fantastic range of games and jigsaw puzzles to keep people of any age entertained. From trivia games and quizzes to card games, classic board games and novelty games that are perfect for Christmas.

Children's Games are always a popular choice when it comes to birthday or Christmas presents, as well as use throughout the year to bring the family together. The classic games such as Connect 4, Monopoly and Scrabble have remained family favourites for decades, with many variations such as Harry Potter Scrabble, electronic Monopoly and travel versions becoming increasingly common. Whether your child likes the action-packed games for fast-paced fun such as Mouse Trapand Bed Bugs or something more puzzling such as Operation and Guess Who, you are sure to find something to interest them.

We also have a wide variety of games and puzzles that are suitable for older children and adults alike. From the peacefulness of completing a Gibsons jigsaw puzzle of your favourite landscape or city to the ever-challenging Trivial Pursuit or Scattergories, you will be entertained for hours on end whether playing individually, as a team or against others to win!

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