Sonos ConnectSonos Connect
Sonos Connect
Turn your stereo into a music streaming system with the Sonos Connect. Perhaps there is nothing wrong with your current stereo but you really wish you could stream music from it. Well Sonos Connect fixes that. It is the easiest way to update your existing stereo or receiver for streaming music. Control your music from anywhere without the need for a controller, by using your smartphone or tablet....
was £329 £296.98

Experience true audio quality with SONOS, available at Oldrids & Downtown. Whether you are looking to add to your additional home speaker system or develop a wireless sound-system from scratch, you can find a range of outstanding Alexa-supported electronics.

For a clear, surround-sound style experience, why not choose the Sonos Play 1 - with crystal clear audio, manufacturer guarantee and simple music streaming. For your television we also have the Sonos Playbar which is easily plugged in to your TV, video games consoles and blu-ray players. 

Browse our online range today and enjoy richly textured HiFi sound with SONOS.