Tildenet Gothic Arch Extension KitTildenet Gothic Arch Extension Kit
Tildenet Gothic Arch Extension Kit
The extension kit enables quick and easy joining of arches to create a stunning and versatile pergola configuration. Create an elegant Gothic Pergola walkway. This Pergola Extension Kit enables quick and easy joining of Tildenet Gothic Arches to create a stunning and versatile pergola. The system is completely modular and allows for as many arches to fit together as you like. One Extension Kit...
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A stylish garden arbour or garden arch can make a great addition to your garden. 

Crafted from the timber and in various finishes and designs, use garden arches and trellis panels to create distinct zones in your garden. An attractive feature in their own right, you can also grow your favourite climbers up the sides and across the top if you wish.

A garden arbour seat also makes a great addition as you can sit sheltered from the sun whilst reading your favourite book or enjoying a cup of tea. You can also grow plants up the trellis work on either side if you wish making this multi-functional piece of garden furniture a worthy contender for your garden.