Greased Lightning 500ml Bug BusterGreased Lightning 500ml Bug Buster
Greased Lightning 500ml Bug Buster
Bugs are annoying. In life, they can often be found buzzing around your head, disturbing you from your daily routine. In death, more often than not, they end up embedding themselves into your car. No matter how much elbow grease you put in trying to remove them, they refuse to budge. If you use Bug Buster, this is one problem that has a solution. Ideal for instantly removing the bugs that have become...
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Greased Lightning 500ml Dash DevilGreased Lightning 500ml Dash Devil
Greased Lightning 500ml Dash Devil
Dash Devil is an effective but gentle multi-surface cleaner for your dashboard and all interior hard surfaces. Look at any dashboard these days and you see a mixture of materials - textured vinyl; plastic buttons and dials; wood, chrome and aluminium effect trim; even sensitive touch screens for sat navs and media players. So, you need to be careful what you use to clean them, and you certainly don't...
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Greased Lightning 500ml Lovely LeatherGreased Lightning 500ml Lovely Leather
Greased Lightning 500ml Lovely Leather
The life of a leather car seat is hard. Besides bearing the brunt of the car's movement through your body, it is often the first point of contact for unwanted spills. This, and the accumulative effect of the seat becoming hot and wet in damaging cycles, will cause it to become worn and cracked. Well, if you don't look after it, that is! Lovely Leather cleans and conditions at the same time,...
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