LEGO City Police Helicopter Chase 60243LEGO City Police Helicopter Chase 60243
LEGO City Police Helicopter Chase 60243
Yikes! I didn't know trucks could fly!? Snake Rattler and his accomplice are making away with a stolen safe! But a LEGO City Police ATV and helicopter with an amazing magnet chain are in hot pursuit! Help ace pilot police officer Sam Grizzled guide the powerful magnet onto Snake Rattler's truck Clang! Then lift the truck high into the air and fly the notorious crook and his buddy to the city jail! Young...
rrp £24.99 £20.99
LEGO City Police Helicopter Transport 60244LEGO City Police Helicopter Transport 60244
LEGO City Police Helicopter Transport 60244
Police officer Rooky Partnur is transporting infamous crook Frankie Lupelli in a mobile cell located on a powerful helicopter transporter, when screech - bang! A crook has attacked the truck and Frankie Lupelli is now zooming away on a superfast ATV. Quick! Launch the helicopter and fast-response rider to catch those crooks and put them back in jail where they belong. This exciting set also includes...
rrp £39.99 £31.99

LEGO City Police Highway Arrest 60242LEGO City Police Highway Arrest 60242
LEGO City Police Highway Arrest 60242
Screech! The infamous crook Vito is speeding away with a stolen safe packed with bank notes and gold bars. Set chase with heroic lieutenant Duke DeTain in his awesome police car. Crash! Vito has met a crate of fish - head on! Well intercepted! Now take a deep breath and help Duke arrest that fishy crook. Enjoy action-packed adventures with LEGO City! With LEGO® City TV hero lieutenant Duke DeTain...
rrp £17.99 £14.99
LEGO City Police Monster Truck Heist 60245LEGO City Police Monster Truck Heist 60245
LEGO City Police Monster Truck Heist 60245
Crash! The sleeping bank guard just woke with a bang! Conniving crook Big Betty and her sneaky accomplice have kitted out their super-powerful monster truck with a huge magnet. And they've just torn the safe out from the bank wall! Help hero police officer Tom Bennett track the crooks aboard the police surveillance truck. Then mobilize the police officer on her superfast motorbike and give chase! Building...
rrp £44.99 £39.99

LEGO City Police Station 60246LEGO City Police Station 60246
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LEGO City Police Station 60246
KABOOM! The infamous crook Daisy Kaboom has bust her fellow crooks out of the LEGO City Police Station jail! They're racing away in their getaway truck together with a scary-looking bulldog! Luckily Duke DeTain, Chief Wheeler, 2 officers and a faithful police dog are on the scene. Launch the cool police surveillance drone, motorbike and truck and help the LEGO City heroes intercept those crooks! Packed...
rrp £89.99 £84.99
LEGO City Racing Cars 60256LEGO City Racing Cars 60256
LEGO City Racing Cars 60256
Get ready for foot-to-the-floor, pedal-to-the-metal action! Help the racing drivers into their vehicles. Which one will win the race? Will it be the red-and-white car with its superfast, gasoline-powered engine, or will the yellow-and-blue car with the super-silent, super-powerful electric engine win the day? Only you can decide with this awesome LEG? City Racing Cars playset! What's in the box? Kids...
rrp £17.99 £14.99

LEGO City Vehicles Garbage Truck 60220LEGO City Vehicles Garbage Truck 60220
LEGO City Vehicles Garbage Truck 60220
Help your child keep LEGO City clean with the neat 60220 Garbage Truck set. The industrious LEGO 4+ vehicle set is made to be fun and easy for preschoolers and younger children. Simple guide to build and play will help your youngster understand the purpose of the building steps, and grow their confidence for the perfect start to LEGO brick building. This fun set also includes a toy dumpster, garbage...
rrp £14.99 £13.99

With LEGO City, the options are endless. You can fight fire with the LEGO City Fire Station or Fire Truck, filled with cool features including lights and sounds, water pumps and pop-up fire elements; firefighting roleplay scenarios have never felt so real. Or if keeping chill is more your thing, you can let it snow when big storms have hit LEGO City. Use the great vehicles including the Arctic Expedition Air Transport Helicopter to take the residents of LEGO City to safety.

Discover a range of fantastic LEGO City vehicle sets that will inspire your child's imagination for a range of destinations. For those younger children who are fairly new to LEGO, we also have a range of LEGO City starter set vehicles which are quick and easy to build, especially as your child grows in confidence until they can tackle larger LEGO sets.