First DatesFirst Dates
First Dates
The Firsts Dates game has been inspried by the hit TV show, First Dates. Split into pairs and get ready to look at your teammate like you’ve never done before. With your game date, ask each other the questions and the pair with the most answers in common wins.
was £11.50 £6.90
Hasbro Hot Tub High DiveHasbro Hot Tub High Dive
Hasbro Hot Tub High Dive
Pour the included demo bubble solution into the tub unit, spin the spinner, then press the big red button the number of times shown to send the diver up or down the ladder. Every press of the button increases the amount of foam in the tub. Once the diver reaches the top of the ladder, he will fall into the tub, launching a ball of suds at the unlucky player. The only player not to cause the diver...
was £15.99 £10.49

Hasbro Pie Face CannonHasbro Pie Face Cannon
Hasbro Pie Face Cannon
Looking for a fun and silly game that both adults and kids can enjoy? The Pie Face Cannon game can generate some serious laugh-out-loud fun! One player puts their chin on the chin rest behind the facemask. The other player spins the spinner, which will determine the angle of the cannon and how it will move. That player takes aim and launches the whipped cream (Whipped cream not included. Additional...
was £12.99 £8.10
Hasbro Pie Face Sky HighHasbro Pie Face Sky High
Hasbro Pie Face Sky High
Step right up! The hilarious and wildly popular Pie Face game now lets players test their strength as they attempt to give their opponent a face full of whipped cream. (Whipped cream not included). The game is set up like a strength-tester carnival game, towering over 3 feet tall. One player stands, looks through the mask, and faces the throwing arm. The other player hits the base plate with the plastic...
was £27 £8.10

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