Playmobil Agent P With RacerPlaymobil Agent P With Racer
Playmobil Agent P With Racer
On exciting missions in the air, on land and on the water. Shoots. Dimensions: Approx. 22 x 11 x 7 cm (LxDxH). Opening front windscreen. Space for two PLAYMOBIL figures in the vehicle (not included). The wings and rear fins are folded out in flying mode. Vehicle floats in water. The two cannons on the front of the car are fully working and can be shot separately.
was £24.99 £17.49
Playmobil Astrid & StormflyPlaymobil Astrid & Stormfly
Playmobil Astrid & Stormfly
Show off some girl power and head out on an adventure with Astrid and Stormfly. Playful in nature but ferocious in battle, this duo is ready to take down Drago! Astrid can use the saddle to sit on Stormfly's back. When the battle is won, the saddle can be removed, and Stormfly can enjoy some free flying! Set includes Astrid, Stormfly, saddle, and battle axe.
was £24.99 £17.49

Playmobil Dr. Drone's Command BasePlaymobil Dr. Drone's Command Base
Playmobil Dr. Drone's Command Base
With double landing pad for both included drones. Dimensions: Approx. 27 x 20 x 16 cm (LxDxH). When opened, the command base reveals large screens and a rotating platform.
was £59.99 £41.99
Playmobil Dr. Drone's PickupPlaymobil Dr. Drone's Pickup
Playmobil Dr. Drone's Pickup
Drone D-1. Dimensions: Approx. 25 x 13 x 11 (LxDxH). incl. D-1, the first drone created by Dr Drone which is also his ""right-hand man"". D-1 can be stowed in the roof. Equipped with two working on-board cannons and various missiles. The rear section can be completely removed to create the pick up's loading space. The mobile command base can be used on board by folding down the boot.
was £39.99 £27.99

Playmobil Horsebox 'Pru & Chica Linda'Playmobil Horsebox 'Pru & Chica Linda'
Playmobil Horsebox 'Pru & Chica Linda'
Take Chica Linda out for playtime with the brand new DreamWorks Spirit 9479 Horse Box, featuring Pru and her prized horse. The set features fences to create a safe, gated area for Chica Linda and lots of horse grooming accessories, making sure that Pru has everything she needs to keep her horse clean and healthy. Chica Linda. Dimensions of horse box: 32 x 12 x 14 cm (LxWxH). Combine with horse...
was £17.99 £12.59
Playmobil Lucky's BedroomPlaymobil Lucky's Bedroom
Playmobil Lucky's Bedroom
Take a step into Lucky's life in the countryside with the DreamWorks Spirit Lucky's Bedroom by Playmobil playset. The set includes furnishing for Lucky's cosy room including a vanity table, a treasure chest, wardrobe, double bed as well as treasures and lots of accessories. Recomended for ages 4+.
was £24.99 £17.49

Playmobil Lucky's Dad and WagonPlaymobil Lucky's Dad and Wagon
Playmobil Lucky's Dad and Wagon
Go on your very own Western adventure with Lucky's dad in the horse-drawn wagon. The brand new set includes everything you need to build your perfect trip, including a picnic set-up, horses to pull your wagon along, secret hideouts within the wagon and lots of storage space for transporting accessories.
was £27.99 £19.59
Playmobil MaricelaPlaymobil Maricela
Playmobil Maricela
The brand new DreamWorks Spirit 9481 Maricela by Playmobil features the character, Maricela, the daughter of the mayor or Miradero, based on the Netflix TV show, Spirit: Riding Free. Recomended for ages 4+. Would work best with the other Dreamworks Spirit sets.
was £2.99 £2.09

Playmobil Mega DronePlaymobil Mega Drone
Playmobil Mega Drone
With dual shot function and winch. Dimensions: Approx. 27.5 x 14 x 5 cm (LxDxH). The two cannons on the front of the drone are fully working and can be shot separately. The winch underneath the drone can be folded down and can tow various PLAYMOBIL parts. Equipped with two moving blades. PLAYMOBIL figure can lie on the drone and be secured to it using the two clips.
was £16.99 £11.89
Playmobil Sheep LauncherPlaymobil Sheep Launcher
Playmobil Sheep Launcher
The ultimate dragon training set. Complete with a wooden pedestal, catching cages and tossing sheep, Gobber the Belch has everything he needs to master his dragon training techniques for a spectacular dragon race. The set includes multiple sheep for training, a shooting sling and a 360? rotating platform with catching cages.
was £27.99 £19.59

Playmobil Snotlout With HookfangPlaymobil Snotlout With Hookfang
Playmobil Snotlout With Hookfang
Soar across the sky with Snotlout and Hookfang. With a removable saddle, you can choose to jump on board with Hookfang or challenge him to some playtime from the grounds below with the functioning ballista .Dimensions (LxWxH) cm: 40 x 36 x 11 Recommended for ages 5+ Works best with the other 'How to train your Dragon' sets.
was £29.99 £20.99

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