LEGO City Arctic Expedition Exploration Team 60191LEGO City Arctic Expedition Exploration Team 60191
LEGO City Arctic Expedition Exploration Team 60191
Recover a cool artifact from the ice with the Arctic Exploration Team and haul it back to base, featuring a snowmobile, detachable trailer and ice block, plus 3 minifigures and a dog figure. Suitable for 5 Years and over. Features a snowmobile with trailer hitch, plus a trailer and a storage box. Also includes an ice block element containing an insect. Accessory elements include a box, saw, camera...
was £9.99 £8.97
LEGO City Mountain Fugitives 60171LEGO City Mountain Fugitives 60171
LEGO City Mountain Fugitives 60171
Patrol the LEGO City mountains with your partner on the police ATV! What's that up ahead? It looks like the crooks are digging up some loot by that tree. Speed up and try to take them by surprise. Hey, get back here! Toss the ATV chain over the end of that log to pull the crook back, while your partner helps the other crook get the beehive off his head. Ouch, that's gotta sting! This LEGO set's ideal...
was £9.99 £8

LEGO City Police Mountain Arrest 60173LEGO City Police Mountain Arrest 60173
LEGO City Police Mountain Arrest 60173
Pick up your badge and join the police officers as they make a LEGO City 60173 Mountain Arrest! This cool chinook helicopter building toy for 5-12 year olds features a police helicopter with opening cab, double spinning rotors, opening door on the back, net shooter, winch with string and hook, 2-level hideout with opening door, bathtub, beehive and post with crane and chain, plus a crooks escape buggy...
was £39.99 £28.99

With LEGO City, the options are endless. You can fight fire with the LEGO City Fire Station or Fire Truck, filled with cool features including lights and sounds, water pumps and pop-up fire elements; firefighting roleplay scenarios have never felt so real. Or if keeping chill is more your thing, you can let it snow when big storms have hit LEGO City. Use the great vehicles including the Arctic Expedition Air Transport Helicopter to take the residents of LEGO City to safety.

Discover a range of fantastic LEGO City vehicle sets that will inspire your child's imagination for a range of destinations. For those younger children who are fairly new to LEGO, we also have a range of LEGO City starter set vehicles which are quick and easy to build, especially as your child grows in confidence until they can tackle larger LEGO sets.