BERG Favorit Regular 200 (6.5ft) Grey Trampoline & Safety Net ComfortBERG Favorit Regular 200 (6.5ft) Grey Trampoline & Safety Net Comfort
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BERG Favorit Regular 200 (6.5ft) Grey Trampoline & Safety Net Comfort
The BERG Favorit provides years of pleasure, hardly wears and requires little maintenance.It has been developed with great attention and care. The favorit 200 Trampoline is a safe trampoline of excellent quality. Gold Spring Solo – these springs offer the perfect combination of flexibility and strength to give you a light and easy bounce for all day bouncing! The safety net comfort is safe...
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BERG Ultim Favorit Inground 280 (9ft 2') Green TrampolineBERG Ultim Favorit Inground 280 (9ft 2') Green Trampoline
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BERG Ultim Favorit Inground 280 (9ft 2') Green Trampoline
The arrival of the Ultim Favorit 280 means that BERG now also has a very nice rectangular trampoline for the smaller garden. This small rectangular trampoline fits easily in any garden due to its shape and compact size of 280x190cm. The Ultim Favorit has a specially developed frame, making it much stronger than many other trampolines in this size. The GoldSpring Solo springs ensure that considerably...
rrp £359 £323.10

We stock quality Trampolines, ideal for outside play. From teenagers to little ones, it's guaranteed fun and laughter in the open air.

Our trampoline range is from BERG, one of the most respected manufacturers in Europe. BERG have over 20 years experience in producing trampolines, and you can rest assured that they are fantastic quality and meet the highest safety standards. 

The BERG range comes in various shapes. Each shape has its own advantages. The choice may come down to your domestic arrangements, and the space available in your garden. Your choice is between:

Rectangular trampolines

Rectangular trampolines have an elongated surface for jumping on, so you have more control over the jumps you do, making these trampolines perfect for professional jumpers as well as practising tricks! Also, this trampoline usually fits well in the garden, thanks to its rectangular format

Oval trampolines

Oval trampolines are wide and long. Jumping is also easier to control, and you benefit from the sturdy, round shape. The shape also means you automatically land safely in the centre of the trampoline.  

Round trampolines

Round trampolines are a safe choice. Thanks to evenly-tensioned springs, you automatically land in the centre of the trampoline, so you can jump high, safely and enjoyably. This trampoline is also very sturdy, and less expensive, due to its round shape.