In 2002, SONOS started out with a goal - to reinvent home audio, and they did just that. Renowned for their stylish yet functional devices, SONOS has enabled you to fill your home with music and make listening an enjoyable and effortless experience again. Constantly looking for new, innovating ways to improve the experience - SONOS offer a range of new products, new software and are continually investing in ways to provide their customers with the best experience possible.

Sonos PlaybaseSonos Playbase
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Sonos Playbase
Discover cinema-quality sound with the sleek SONOS Playbase. Designed with you in mind, the stylish yet functional playbase delivers a fantastic entertainment experience; whether you are enjoying music, TV, films and more. Utilising ten amplified internal drivers including a woofer, you will achieve crystal clear audio; from pulse-pounding action to whispers. Pairing with your TV and remote, the SONOS...
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Sonos Beam Wireless SoundbarSonos Beam Wireless Soundbar
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Sonos Beam Wireless Soundbar
The smart soundbar for your TV - the SONOS Beam lets you play music, TV, films with exceptional clarity and speech enhancement. Simple to set up, the Beam automatically pairs with your TV and remote. The Beam's compact and versatile design make it great for small to medium sized rooms that might be short on space. You can place them on furniture or use a wall mount to easily and securely hang it. Key...

Sonos PlaybarSonos Playbar
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Sonos Playbar
The SONOS Playbar is designed for epic home cinema and music lovers combined. With a cinematic sound that perfectly complements music, TV, films and more; the Playbar delivers exceptional dialogue quality with a phased speaker array of nine drivers, providing fully immersive listening. With its unique design, the Sonos Playbar can be mounted on a wall or placed on furniture; replacing your TV's built-in...
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Sonos SubSonos Sub
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Sonos Sub
The SONOS Subwoofer fills an entire room with thick layers of deep, bottomless sound that let you hear and feel every chord, kick, splash and roll. You won't just hear the difference the wireless subwoofer makes sure you'll feel it in your bones. No wiring. No programming. Press one button, follow the simple prompts on your Controller and the system automatically adjusts audio settings to perfectly...
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Sonos Play:1Sonos Play:1
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Sonos Play:1
The mini home speaker for music lovers, the SONOS Play:1 can delivers a mighty, crystal clear audio; playing music, radio, podcasts and more. With the Play:1, you can play all of your favourite streaming services, on-demand services, internet radio - whatever you love to listen to; with 67 music services supported. Find the full list here With a pair of Class-D amplifiers and custom-built drivers,...
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Sonos Connect:AmpSonos Connect:Amp
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Sonos Connect:Amp
The SONOS Connect:Amp is the amplified music streaming upgrade for your speakers; no amp or receiver required. Stream music services and internet radio to any existing speakers, inside or outside of your home - the Connect:Amp adds streaming capability to all of the speakers in your home. A built in Class-D digital amplifier delivers 55W per channel of sound to your existing speakers, simply connect...
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Sonos ConnectSonos Connect
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Sonos Connect
Turn your stereo into a music streaming system with the Sonos Connect. Perhaps there is nothing wrong with your current stereo but you really wish you could stream music from it. Well Sonos Connect fixes that. It is the easiest way to update your existing stereo or receiver for streaming music. Control your music from anywhere without the need for a controller, by using your smartphone or tablet....
Sonos BoostSonos Boost
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Sonos Boost
The SONOS Boost is a fantastic, reliable choice when your existing Wi-Fi is not quite enough for streaming music. Where the Boost excels is enhancing streaming in the most challenging of Wi-Fi environments by creating a separate high-performance wireless network just for your SONOS system. With simple, quick setup; the Boost broadcasts 360° signals throughout your home including walls and ceilings...