Stressless Ekornes

The Stressless Plus-system allows the head rest to move independently from the rest of the chair, ensuring that your neck is always perfectly supported.

The Stressless Leg Comfort not only reclines but also extends, meaning that it's always the ideal size and fit, no matter who is sitting in the chair. Those without are available with Footstools.

Stressless Chairs with Balance Adapt technology automatically adjust to your body's tiniest movement and the soft rocking movement increases your comfort in all positions.

The Science of Comfort

Under the surface of Stressless leather lies true engineering genius. From multifaceted sets of springs to foam that contours to your body, every aspect that goes into a piece of Stressless furniture is beautifully assembled to bring you an uparalleled seating experience. Understanding the science of comfort and movement has fuelled their innovative spirit and desire to design the most comfortable and unique furniture in the world.

First introduced in 1971, Stressless was the first, and many would argue remains the best, recliner to meet your body's need for movement and support. The characteristic TV-recliner was a revolution in comfort and functionality, quickly becoming an international success. With a chair recliner you can lean backwards and rest, watch television in comfort or turn and face a coffee table with one easy movement. The patented sliding system remains unique to Stressless today.

Now a common feature in living rooms and offices of the best-dressed homes, a Stressless leather recliner is a great investment piece for years to come. Available in a wide range of colour choices, fabrics or leathers, a Stressless Recliner Chair, Stressless Sofa or Stressless Office Chair is the perfect choice to help you relax at home.

Experience Stressless Quality in Store

Still undecided as to whether a Stressless recliner, sofa or chair is for you? Why not visit one of our extensive furniture showrooms to explore a variety of our Stressless range. We have a range of Stressless at our Downtown Grantham and Downtown Boston Superstores.

Stressless products are built to the highest standards and feature a 10-year warranty on the internal mechanism.


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