Tempur Original Collection

Tempur Original Collection

Experience where it all started...

The TEMPUR Original collection is all about the core benefits that got TEMPUR noticed all around the world. Space age technology allows you to feel weightless, and supports your whole body, perfect for those who prefer sleeping on a mattress with a firmer feel.

Constructed entirely from TEMPUR's advanced Viscoelastic foam material, it moulds to your body, cradling you in your most comfortable position and preventing tossing and turning at bedtime. Suitable for use on slatted or platform top divan bases or bedframes, but complemented best of all by one of TEMPUR's own stunning divan bases or bedsteads, The ORIGINAL mattress from TEMPUR comes in 3 different mattress heights and a full complement of sizes and will make a fantastic investment for a great nights sleep. Take a look at the videos that follow which look at TEMPUR Sleep Technology in more detail, and knowing you get a 10 Years Manufacturer Warranty on your purchase, you'll be adding one to basket before you know it!


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Tempur Original PillowTempur Original Pillow
tempur 3 year guarantee
Tempur Original Pillow
The contours of all TEMPUR Ergonomic Original Support Pillows have been designed for those who need a more therapeutic sleeping posture, by following the body's natural curve, supporting your head, neck and shoulders. Because people come in different shapes and sizes, there is a variety of forms to choose from. Typically the broader your shoulders, the higher the pillow you need. Removable washable...