Hanazuki Surprise Treasures 2 PackHanazuki Surprise Treasures 2 Pack
Hanazuki Surprise Treasures 2 Pack
Escape into the Hanazuki world full of treasures and express moods through different colours! Every pack includes 2 surprise treasures, and each treasure represents a mood through its colour and an expression on its face. There are 24 pairs to collect in the series. Display and express moods by attaching treasures to other Hanazuki accessories. Look for the Hanazuki Moodgleam wearable wristband to...
Hanazuki Treasures 6 PackHanazuki Treasures 6 Pack
Hanazuki Treasures 6 Pack
Feeling feisty? Express it with this 6-pack of red treasures including a red Hemka figure! Collect the wacky, colourful treasures and Hemka friends of Hanazuki to boldly express every mood. Watch them appear in the downloadable Hanazuki app just by scanning their codes! Wear, share, and display treasures, and express moods through colour and light with Hanazuki accessories like the Moodgleam wearable...