Buying Toys based on Developmental Age

Baby Toys

Babies, whilst not able to grasp with their hands, enjoy exploring with their eyes and ears. Therefore toys that make noise or are brightly coloured are a great choice including rattles and squeakers. In the second half of the first year, babies enjoy toys they can manipulate; such as shapes, soft blocks and push-pull toys.

Toys for Toddlers

In the second and third years of their lives, children are fueled by curiorisity; testing their physical skills to play and learn. Experiment with educational toys that test their cognitive skills and coordination including basic arts and crafts, simple musical instruments, outdoor toys, learning puzzles and stuffed animals.

Three to Six

The masters of imagination and creativity, young children love to express themselves through 'make-believe' and they often make strong attachments to their favourite toys and games, such as action figures, dolls and stuffed animals. Dress-up clothes, costumes, crafts, play scenes and simple board games are also incredibly popular.

Six to Pre-Teen

As they age, children enjoy toys and games that require strategy and skill such as board games and sports. They seek out new experiences with friends and have the physical skills to enjoy junior versions of adult activities such as outdoor games, making accessibly board games a great choice. Pre-teens will focus on hobbies and interests, including active sports, electronics and music.

Pre-School & Baby Toys

Creative & Learning Toys