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Drill N Fill
Drill N Fill
Release the inner dentist in your child! Complete with a selection of dentists tools and 5 cans of modelling compound, Play-Doh lets kids take the lid off their imaginations and explore their creativity whilst having fun and will keep them amused for hours. Having modelled teeth using the Play-Doh supplied, your child can then play dentist, showing the patient how to brush their teeth properly, drilling...
Play-Doh Cake PartyPlay-Doh Cake Party
Play-Doh Cake Party
Be creative and make the craziest of cakes with the Play-Doh Cake Party set! Shape all kinds of cakes in the oven or with the cutters. Use the decorating tool to top them all off with swirly, make-believe frosting. For even more festive fun, the set comes with Confetti compound! When they are ready, the masterpieces can sit on display in the cake dome, or they can be presented to friends on the plates...

Play-Doh Classic Colour - Assorted Colours
Play-Doh Classic Colour - Assorted Colours
Open up these cans of classic Play-Doh compound and get ready to shape and mould anything that comes to mind! Each pack includes four 5oz cans of Play-Doh compound. You can choose from the following sets: Set 1: Purple - Green - Pink - Teal Set 2: Dark Blue - Orange - Light Blue - Light Green Set 3: White - Red - Yellow - Light Blue Product details: Age: 2+ Each pack is sold separately Contains...
Play-Doh Confetti Compound CollectionPlay-Doh Confetti Compound Collection
Play-Doh Confetti Compound Collection
Show off your creative side with this Play-Doh Confetti Compoud collection! Each can contains a different colour, and each one is full of colourful confetti! It is a parade of never-ending creativity. The set also features 2 cutters. Product details: Age: 3+ Compound not intended to be eaten Product and colours will vary

Play-Doh Crazy CutsPlay-Doh Crazy Cuts
Play-Doh Crazy Cuts
Create the craziest and most colourful of hairstyles with the Play-Doh Crazy Cuts set. A family of three character thimbles and six Play-Doh colours makes for a lot of fun options. Simply sit your customer on the chair, and then crank the handle to grow out silly hair! Your complete set of accessory tools lets you shape those long locks into all kinds of unique styles. When it is time for a haircut,...
Play-Doh Make 'N' Style PoniesPlay-Doh Make 'N' Style Ponies
Play-Doh Make 'N' Style Ponies
Create your own Ponyville at home with the Play-Doh Make 'N' Style Ponies set! With a choice of nine Play-Doh colours, you can create all kinds of My Little Pony friends, including Earth ponies, Pegasus ponies, unicorns, and Princess ponies. You can also create your favourite characters from the popular cartoon series, such as Princess Twilight, Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and many more! Use the...

Play-Doh Ocean ToolsPlay-Doh Ocean Tools
Play-Doh Ocean Tools
Dive into imagination and create a wide array of colourful sea-themed creations with the Play-Doh Ocean Tools set! Have a fun time with the hammerhead-shark stamper and roll fun textures with the blowfish. You can also squeeze wiggly octopus legs with the octopus extruder, as well as create fun shapes with the whale book-mould! Product features: Octopus extruder Blowfish roller Hammerhead-shark...
Play-Doh Party PackPlay-Doh Party Pack
Play-Doh Party Pack
Get creative and and share the fun with the Play-Doh Party pack! The pack includes 10 x 1oz tubs of classic Play-Doh modelling compound. Product details: Age: 2+ Compound not intended to be eaten

Play-Doh Playful PiesPlay-Doh Playful Pies
Play-Doh Playful Pies
Dish up irresistible Play-Doh pies with the Playful Pies set! With this set, pretend bakers can make delicious-looking pies fit for a Play-Doh pie shop! Roll out some squishy Play-Doh pie dough, use the moulds on the underside of the fruit basket to create fantastic fruit fillings, and then top off your colourful creation with cream! Product features: Pie plate Fruit basket Baking-themed accessory...
Play-Doh Single Can - Assorted Colours
Play-Doh Single Can - Assorted Colours
Let your imagination run wild with classic Play-Doh! Play-Doh enables you to build, create and mould. Combine with a Play-Doh playset or use it on its own. You can choose from a range of colours: Pink Purple Blue Orange Yellow Green Product details: Age: 2+ Compound not intended to be eaten To select your chosen colour, add the product to basket and within the shopping basket select...

Play-Doh Starter SetPlay-Doh Starter Set
Play-Doh Starter Set
Jump-start your imagination with the Play-Doh Starter set! Cut, stamp, roll, and more with classic colours and accessories for lots of creative play. This creative kit also comes with a re-useable stroage tote, so it is perfect to take on the go! Product details: Age: 3+ Compound not intended to be eaten
Play-Doh Town Figure - Assorted Designs
Play-Doh Town Figure - Assorted Designs
Add two new cititzens to Play-Doh town with these Play-Doh Town figures! You can choose between Police Boy and Ice-Cream Girl. Ice-Cream Girl features: Figure with hat Cone 2 cans of Play-Doh Brand Modelling compound Police Boy features: Figure with hat Radio 2 cans of Play-Doh Brand Modelling compound Product details: Age: 3+ Compound not intended to be eaten To select your...

Play-Doh Town FirehousePlay-Doh Town Firehouse
Play-Doh Town Firehouse
There's a fire in Play-Doh town! With the Play-Doh Town firehouse, you can create emergency scenes by staking the Play-Doh cans and putting the roof on top. Use the fire stampers to add colourful flames. You can also shape rescue essentials, such as a radio or an alarm bell with the half-moulds. Get the firefigher ready by putting on his hat and giving him a funky hairstyle! Help the firefighrer battle...