Enchantimals Food Stand & VehicleEnchantimals Food Stand & Vehicle
Enchantimals Food Stand & Vehicle
Let these Enchantimals play sets enchant you. Each features a rolling accessory along with an exclusive Enchantimals doll, her animal friend and smaller pieces that fit the theme. Choose between Enchantimals Merit Monkey doll with a fruit cart and Enchantimals Taylee Turtle doll with a tricycle. The six-inch Enchantimals dolls in these sets have rooted color hairstyles and animal-inspired facial features,...
Enchantimals Multipack - Bunny Doll/Deer Doll
Enchantimals Multipack - Bunny Doll/Deer Doll
Get wild with this Enchantimals gardening-themed gift set that lets imagination grow! It comes with two six-inch Enchantimals dolls -- Fluffy Bunny doll and Danessa Deer doll -- Sprint deer, Mop bunny, a flower plot with flowers and themed accessories. Each piece is enchanting, especially the blue flower plot that has four removable flowers and a hook on each end that can hold the two gardening tools....