Laser X Morph Double PackLaser X Morph Double Pack
Laser X Morph Double Pack
The ultimate high tech game of tag just got even hotter! Set contains 2 Blasters which morph into Gaming Pods with 3 built-in games to test your speed and skill any time of day or night. With a blast range of 90 metres, built-in voice coach and digital lights and sounds. And of course all Laser X gear works together so you can play one-on-one or take on the whole neighbourhood! Set Contains Laser...
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Toy Story Alienizer Voice Changer
Toy Story Alienizer Voice Changer
The Alienizer voice changer from Fisher-Price lets kids sound just like one of the little green aliens from the Disney Pixar Toy Story films. Just hold the voice changer like a walkie-talkie and press the button on the side. When your child speaks into the front of the Alienizer, their voice changes to sound just like an alien.Recommended for ages 3 and up. Batteries are required, and also included.

Pokemon Trainer Guess - Hoenn EditionPokemon Trainer Guess - Hoenn Edition
Pokemon Trainer Guess - Hoenn Edition
Test your Pokemon Trainer knowledge with Trainer Guess Hoenn Edition! Just think of a Pokemon and answer the questions. Trainer Guess will figure out what Pok?mon you are thinking of. AMAZING! Once a Pokemon is guessed it goes into your electronic collection, with 135 Hoenn Region Pokemon to collect can you collect all of them? The enclosed Field Guide includes pictures of all the Pokemon, key details...
Tiny Pong Table Tennis GameTiny Pong Table Tennis Game
Tiny Pong Table Tennis Game
The Tiny Pong Solo Table Tennis game brings exciting bouncing action into the palm of your hand! Launch the ball off the court and bounce it repeatedly on the court to rack up points. Move the court back and forth under the ball with your hand. Every bounce scores you a point. To increase the challenge, switch from Beginner mode to Expert mode. The game responds with lights and sounds as players...

Toy Story Mr Potato Head Movin' Lips
Toy Story Mr Potato Head Movin' Lips
Who knows what Mr. Potato Head will say or sing next? This interactive talking toy is fun and entertaining for kids as well as adults. Just attach his mouth and press the buttons, his lips synchronise to wacky songs and some really funny phrases! The talking toy features over 40 phrases and 4 parodies to popular songs, including a parody of the song 'Lips Are Movin'? by Meghan Trainor. Children aged...
Bank Attack Electronic GameBank Attack Electronic Game
Bank Attack Electronic Game
This is an intense and addictive collaborative game where you work together as a team to crack the vault and release the gold hidden inside. Can you get the 50 million dollars? 5 minutes to pull off the heist of the century. Work as a team to crack the vault with 6 levels of addictive and challenging gameplay. Each level increases in intensity and challenge. Make sure you press the right buttons...

Tomy Remote Controlled Johnny TractorTomy Remote Controlled Johnny Tractor
Tomy Remote Controlled Johnny Tractor
A childs first remote control made out of soft touch plastic with easy forwards, backwards and spin around controls. Easy to use first remote control. The Radio Controlled Johnny Tractor will get young farmers whizzing around at the push of a button or two! This chunky John Deere vehicle has soft-touch surfaces with rounded edges for safe play. With its easy-to-use remote control, kids just have...
Pokemon Flame Action CharmanderPokemon Flame Action Charmander
Pokemon Flame Action Charmander
Introducing Flame Action Charmander with over 20 reactions to play and discover including light-up mouth and cheeks another perfect addition to your Pokemon team! Press Charmander's chest and hand buttons for various lights and sounds! Plus, press and hold any button for action. Keep holding to trigger FLAME action! Build up a special firery action by pressing and holding both hands! Includes: 1...

Tap-It Electronic GameTap-It Electronic Game
Tap-It Electronic Game
The ultimate high-energy tech game for all the family! Your Tap It game includes 4 wireless light-up pods with 4 different games to play! Extend the game play even further and link your master pod to up to 15 additional pods. The challenge is on! Let's play TAP IT - which player can tap their coloured pod the most number of times in the allocated time-frame? Connect the pods together for a game of...
My First Scalextric (Mains Powered)My First Scalextric (Mains Powered)
My First Scalextric (Mains Powered)
A great introduction to the world of Scalextric racing for kids 3+, featuring an easy-to-assemble figure-of-eight track. The two rally cars and adjustable power hand-controllers are colour coded in red and yellow to match chevrons on the circuit. Our Magnatraction technology helps to keep the cars on the track, and variable hand-controllers allow the speed of racing to be adjusted depending on skill...

Really R.A.D. Robots Turbo BotReally R.A.D. Robots Turbo Bot
Really R.A.D. Robots Turbo Bot
Meet Turbo Bot - Really RAD Robot's Speed Machine! A fast moving robot with a fast talking mouth, this guy is full of personality and tricks, and comes with over 60 functions and sounds! Take hold of the multi function RAD Remote and take Turbo for a spin. Turbo's remote is full of features including a "Turbo" Boost" button! Switch to "Turbo Mode" and check out why this Robot matches it's name! Turbo...
The Highland Rambler Train SetThe Highland Rambler Train Set
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The Highland Rambler Train Set
There was a time when the Highlands of Scotland were served by a number of railway lines, all operating independently of each other. The rolling stock was varied and became even more so as the Railway Companies merged with each other through the 19th century, creating a rich variety of locomotives, coaches and wagons that would often be combined into mixed trains. This set is a representation of that...

Urban Outrun (Zombie v Spartan)Urban Outrun (Zombie v Spartan)
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Urban Outrun (Zombie v Spartan)
An empty road, no one around, the growl of the engine the only sound for miles. Two tuned up street cars go head to head to see who will come out on top and take victory. This is Scalextric 'Zombies vs Spartans', an epic battle that takes place over multiple track layouts - who will be victorious in your household? Multiple track layouts New speed limiter hand controllers Lap counter Requires...
Gulf Racing (GT v LMP)Gulf Racing (GT v LMP)
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Gulf Racing (GT v LMP)
Ever since the 1960's, the distinctive blue and orange livery of Gulf Racing has been a regular sight on race tracks around the world. Since the early days, Gulf Racing has competed in all the top European and International Endurance races and now makes a welcome return to the World Endurance Championship and Le Mans. Bring the iconic blue and orange into your living room and race on multiple track...

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