LEGO has been at the heart of children's toys for generations. Often one of the first toys a child will play with when growing up, the LEGO brand is unique because as your child grows, so can their LEGO collection and the themes that they have access to.

With LEGO, your little one's imagination can run wild with the creations that they can construct. From basic LEGO building block sets for smaller children from the DUPLO to board games and special themed playsets that your child will love for hours on end of creative fun. At Oldrids & Downtown we have great prices on a variety of LEGO sets from your favourite movies, TV series and more including LEGO Jurassic World, The LEGO Movie 2 and LEGO Harry Potter.

Whilst movies and TV shows play an important role in the LEGO universe, not all playsets feature characters that are made popular on the big and small screens.

LEGO City was one of the first playset themes that was constructed under the LEGO brand. With LEGO City, your child can recreate locations and scenarios from everyday life. If they love construction, there are demolition vehicles to build. If they want to grow up to be a first responder, we have police stations, hospitals, fire engines, ambulances and helicopters to build and play with.

And debunking the myth that LEGO is just for boys is the popular LEGO Friends collection. You can visit Heartlake City with Emma, Olivia, Stephanie, Andrea and Mia and undertake and bring a little more fun, friendliness and heart into the world with some great, interactive LEGO sets.

If creating vehicles, buildings and scenery is more your things, we also have a fantastic range of LEGO sets including LEGO Creator, LEGO Speed Champions and LEGO Technic which includes a variety of realistic designs from the Mini Cooper Rally Car or Ferrari F40 to the fully aerodynamic and moving Bugatti Chiron.

With LEGO, you truly can find a toy set for everyone. All of the popular superheroes from the DC and Marvel Universe. Our LEGO NINJAGO range featuring the five teenage Ninjas fighting evil forces or LEGO Star Wars are also extremely popular ranges.