LEGO Duplo Alphabet Truck 10915LEGO Duplo Alphabet Truck 10915
LEGO Duplo Alphabet Truck 10915
With the LEGO® DUPLO® Alphabet Truck, preschoolers can combine creative building, imaginative play and learning the alphabet. It’s the ultimate playful learning toy for toddlers! Kids’ alphabet learning toy Toddlers improve their fine motor skills as they stack the letter bricks onto the back of the truck. The 26 letter bricks provide lots of opportunities to become familiar with...
LEGO Duplo Baby Wild Animals 10904LEGO Duplo Baby Wild Animals 10904
LEGO Duplo Baby Wild Animals 10904
Share precious developmental milestones with your toddler with this LEGO® DUPLO® Town Baby Animals 10904 building bricks as these cute baby animal toys open up a world of imaginative play. There’s a baby panda snacking on bamboo, a rare baby white tiger admiring a pretty pink flower, a baby giraffe nibbling the leaves on a tree and an adorable baby elephant who’s come to play with...

LEGO Duplo Bakery 10928LEGO Duplo Bakery 10928
LEGO Duplo Bakery 10928
All kids love a trip to the bakery! Use the mixing machine and oven to get baking. Try some tasty-looking cake at the colorful cafe. Make deliveries with the decorated van with a large cupcake on the roof! And, while kids are having fun, they're also developing their fine motor, social and emotional skills. There's so much to see, do and learn at the busy bakery! Suitable for ages 2+ Includes...
LEGO Duplo Bedroom 10926LEGO Duplo Bedroom 10926
LEGO Duplo Bedroom 10926
Bedrooms are not just for sleeping, right? With this fun-packed playset, the activities never stop! Join 2 girl figures at their bunk-bed sleepover. There's a big teddy bear to cuddle, a guitar to sing along to and the top bunk has its own slide! When the clock shows it's time for sleep, put the girls to bed, then - time to wake up! The role-play fun continues in the morning, even the house-shaped...

LEGO Duplo Deluxe Brick Box 10914LEGO Duplo Deluxe Brick Box 10914
LEGO Duplo Deluxe Brick Box 10914
Ignite toddlers curiosity with hands-on, playful learning. There are fun shapes and LEGO bricks in a cool range of colors. There's a car, windows, flowers, balloons, gifts and a cake to inspire imaginations - and there are bricks labelled 1 to 5 for number play. Introducing your toddler to creative building and the developmental benefits it brings is easy. Just pick a brick and go! Suitable for...
LEGO Duplo Fire Truck 10901LEGO Duplo Fire Truck 10901
LEGO Duplo Fire Truck 10901
Play out real-life scenarios in LEGO® DUPLO® Town: a recognisable world with modern DUPLO figures. Help your little firefighter rush to the rescue in the 10901 Fire Engine for kids with flashing blue light and siren sound! This fire engine toy is easy to build with an opening drawer and a ladder. Toddlers will love to help the firefighter rescue the cat from the buildable tree! For ages...

LEGO Duplo Fire Truck 10917LEGO Duplo Fire Truck 10917
LEGO Duplo Fire Truck 10917
Toddlers drive the red fire truck to its next exciting mission! This popular kids’ toy provides an easy-build, fun-filled play experience that supports toddlers’ first developmental milestones. The easy-to-handle red truck puts control in toddlers' hands as they race to the scene of the emergency. Their fine motor skills develop as they position the ladder and move it up and down. With...
LEGO Duplo Frozen Ice Castle 10899LEGO Duplo Frozen Ice Castle 10899
LEGO Duplo Frozen Ice Castle 10899
Join Disney’s Anna, Elsa and Olaf at the LEGO 10899 Duplo Disney Frozen Ice Castle. With a multicoloured light brick feature illuminating the castle at the push of a button, you and your little one will have endless enjoyment recreating scenes from Disney’s Frozen movie and dreaming up stories of your own with this sparkling Ice Castle toddler toy building set. Contains Anna, Elsa &...

LEGO Duplo Frozen II Elsa and Olaf's Ice Party 10920LEGO Duplo Frozen II Elsa and Olaf's Ice Party 10920
LEGO Duplo Frozen II Elsa and Olaf's Ice Party 10920
Disney's Elsa and Olaf are playing in the snow, and the toddler-friendly shapes and figures invite little hands to join in the fun! There's ice-cream to enjoy, sleighing through the snow and a delicious hot chocolate to warm everyone up afterwards! Preschool children can role-play a range of scenarios, from a tea party to hide and seek among the ice blocks, which develop their creative and visual-spatial...
LEGO Duplo Modular Playhouse 10929LEGO Duplo Modular Playhouse 10929
LEGO Duplo Modular Playhouse 10929
This open and accessible dollhouse is perfect for playing together. Teach toddlers about everyday life, such as cooking, mealtime and bedtime routines. Filled with familiar details - plus mom, dad and child figures and a pet dog and teddy bear, you'll share lots of magical moments together. For even more fun, rebuild the main house as a tower house, and then again as a residential house! With recognizable...

LEGO Duplo My First Balancing Animals 10884LEGO Duplo My First Balancing Animals 10884
LEGO Duplo My First Balancing Animals 10884
Toddlers will have loads of fun learning to build and balance with the LEGO® DUPLO® 10884 My First Balancing Animals! Have fun stacking the brightly colored jungle animals on the seesaw in lots of different ways and see how it makes this cute balancing toy tip! The colorful monkey, elephant, tiger and panda animals are easy to build and rebuild with chunky DUPLO bricks, and there are 2 extra...
LEGO Duplo My First Car Creations 10886LEGO Duplo My First Car Creations 10886
LEGO Duplo My First Car Creations 10886
Preschoolers will love to build and rebuild colorful vehicles with LEGO® DUPLO® 10886 My First Car Creations. Help them sort the colors to build a toy helicopter, taxi, garbage truck and Fire Truck for toddlers, or mix up all the bricks and create endless easy-to-build car creations together by combining just a few chunky DUPLO bricks, developing fine motor skills as you go. This toddler...

LEGO Duplo My First Emotions 10861LEGO Duplo My First Emotions 10861
LEGO Duplo My First Emotions 10861
Help your toddler learn to recognize and understand different emotions, using these bright, buildable characters made from chunky LEGO DUPLO bricks that are specially designed to be fun and safe for small hands. What's Included?: Features four buildable characters with double-sided face bricks and decorated body bricks portraying a range of emotions Also features double-sided story bricks as play...
LEGO Duplo My First Fun Puzzle 10885LEGO Duplo My First Fun Puzzle 10885
LEGO Duplo My First Fun Puzzle 10885
The LEGO® DUPLO® 10885 My First Fun Puzzle toy for toddlers is an easy and entertaining start to matching, building and stacking bricks for very young children. Create and connect with your preschooler as you help them sort the bricks into colors and stack them in the right order to complete these easy-to-build favorite animal puzzles for kids. Then take them apart, mix them up and inspire...

LEGO Duplo My Town Airport 10871LEGO Duplo My Town Airport 10871
LEGO Duplo My Town Airport 10871
Play out real-life scenarios in LEGO DUPLO Town: A recognisable world with modern DUPLO figures. Help your little pilot get ready for take-off at the LEGO DUPLO Airport! Its easy for pre-schoolers to build the boarding gate, luggage slide and revolving air traffic control tower. Toddlers will love to help the pilot get all her passengers aboard the buildable plane and head for the skies! Makes an ideal...
LEGO Duplo Pizza Stand 10927LEGO Duplo Pizza Stand 10927
LEGO Duplo Pizza Stand 10927
Enjoy pretend play with pizza! It's the fun food that all kids recognize. With this cool pizza stand, kids can join in the everyday fun of a street-food pizza restaurant. There are endless stories to role-play: help the cook hold up the pizza to attract customers; serve pizza to the table; sit the cook on the chair while he eats his favorite snack - pizza! Every day's a busy day at the pizza stand! Suitable...

LEGO Duplo Plane 10908LEGO Duplo Plane 10908
LEGO Duplo Plane 10908
Play out real-life scenarios in LEGO® DUPLO® Town: a recognizable world with modern DUPLO figures. Show your child how to help the pilot fix up the 10908 Plane in his workshop, using the toy wrench and oilcan. Toddlers will love to make the cute red toy airplane take off and fly it through the air, spinning the propeller as they go! This educational toy includes a pilot DUPLO figure. For...
LEGO Duplo Playroom 10925LEGO Duplo Playroom 10925
LEGO Duplo Playroom 10925
Open the house-shaped box and the imaginative fun starts immediately! This playroom playset is packed with role-play possibilities. Share cool toys with the boy and girl, play schools in the learning area and celebrate a birthday with ice-cream, present and balloons. As toddlers progress to role-playing make-believe stories of their own, parents and carers share precious developmental milestones. Suitable...

LEGO Duplo Police Bike 10900LEGO Duplo Police Bike 10900
LEGO Duplo Police Bike 10900
Play out real-life scenarios in LEGO® DUPLO® Town: a recognizable world with modern DUPLO figures. Toddlers will love zooming through town on the 10900 Police Bike! Help them understand everyday scenarios as the police officer DUPLO figure uses the stop and go sign to control busy traffic, then let him take a rest in the police kiosk before climbing back on the police motorcycle and heading...
LEGO Duplo Police Station 10902LEGO Duplo Police Station 10902
LEGO Duplo Police Station 10902
Play out real-life scenarios in LEGO® DUPLO® Town: a recognizable world with modern DUPLO figures. Preschoolers will love creating stories through pretend play at the easy-to-build 10902 Police Station. Help the police officers whizz out in the police car with flashing lights and siren sound to catch the crook on the run with the police officer's doughnuts! Then take him back to the toy police...

LEGO Duplo Submarine Adventure 10910LEGO Duplo Submarine Adventure 10910
LEGO Duplo Submarine Adventure 10910
Enjoy imaginative play with your toddler and help them develop key skills on a submarine adventure! This engaging baby bath toy provides lots to learn and talk about as young children pretend to film the whale and fish with the toy camera. In the bath, the submarine floats and makes bubbles on the surface as the whale glides by and the fish blows bubbles below. With 2 scuba diver toy figures to share...
LEGO Duplo Super Heroes Lab 10921LEGO Duplo Super Heroes Lab 10921
LEGO Duplo Super Heroes Lab 10921
Calling all little superheroes! Iron Man, Spider-Man and Captain America need help in Iron Man's laboratory workshop. Use the cool tools and equipment to fix Captain America's motorcycle. Lift heavy loads with the crane. Attach the hook to the motorcycle and pull Spider-Man along behind! Look out - he's shooting his web! Anything can happen when superheroes work together in Iron Man's lab. Stimulate...

LEGO Duplo Tow Truck 10918LEGO Duplo Tow Truck 10918
LEGO Duplo Tow Truck 10918
Can your little truck driver use the My First Tow Truck to help others in difficulty? After the quick-and-easy truck assembly, they'll develop fine motor skills driving the 4-wheeler to the scene of the emergency, placing the cone down to warn other drivers, and raising and lowering the crane hook. There are endless exciting scenes to role-play when the push-along tow truck comes to the rescue! Suitable...
LEGO Duplo Tropical Island 10906LEGO Duplo Tropical Island 10906
LEGO Duplo Tropical Island 10906
Encourage your little one's emotional development and fine motor skills with LEGO® DUPLO® Town 10906 Tropical Island, with imaginative play exploring a world of wild animals, fun features and jungle adventure! There’s a pulley system to lift supplies up to the family tree house, a turning bridge to move into position and a vine for the monkey toy to swing on. With a host of colourful...
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With LEGO DUPLO building bricks and toddler learning toys, children can practice life skills through their play and creativity to support their developmental learning skills, one brick at a time.

Creative toys can be so simple. With just a few blocks of LEGO DUPLO, you can spark endless play ideas for learning games for an older baby, toddler or preschooler.

At Oldrids & Downtown our DUPLO range includes a fantastic range of themes including farm animals, fire trucks, car creations and an airport, so there is plenty to inspire your little one's imagination in their early development stage.