LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 41382LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 41382
LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 41382
Build up to the big day with the help of your friends from Heartlake City with this LEGO 41382 Friends Advent Calendar. Every day until Christmas Day make a new treat to display in your bedroom or hang on the tree. Hidden within this toy advent calendar are festive surprises, as well as items to remind you of your favourite LEGO Friends character. Features 24 gifts for decorating a bedroom or hanging...
LEGO Friends Baking Competition 41393LEGO Friends Baking Competition 41393
LEGO Friends Baking Competition 41393
1, 2, 3 Bake! Join LEGO Friends Stephanie at the TV studio as she competes in a baking show. Spin the wheel above the stage to choose which crazy ingredients the bakers must include. Get creative with the icing and decorations. Grab the extinguisher to help David put out a kitchen fire. The timer's counting down, but who'll win the cash prize and the trophy? The judge needs your help to decide! Includes...

LEGO Friends Dolphins Rescue Mission 41378LEGO Friends Dolphins Rescue Mission 41378
LEGO Friends Dolphins Rescue Mission 41378
A baby dolphin has become trapped while playing in a shipwreck. Launch LEGO Friends Stephanie’s cool submarine into Heartlake City Bay and embark on a dolphin rescue! But she’s not the only one buzzing around the wreck. LEGO Friends Kacey is on a sea scooter looking for the treasure chest to keep for herself. But there's also a mysterious treasure map to find on this LEGO rescue mission....
LEGO Friends Friendship Bus 41395LEGO Friends Friendship Bus 41395
LEGO Friends Friendship Bus 41395
Buckle up for the road trip of a lifetime on the Friendship Bus. Join your besties as they hang out on the bus that has it all - there's even a pull-out pool and a super slide! Push back the top to get to the bathroom, kitchen and dining areas. Help the girls climb up to the top deck and tuck them into their beds - they can see the stars as they lie beneath the clear-topped roof. This toy bus comes...

LEGO Friends Heartlake City Amusement Pier 41375LEGO Friends Heartlake City Amusement Pier 41375
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LEGO Friends Heartlake City Amusement Pier 41375
Get ready for a full day of fun at the Heartlake City Amusement Pier. Ride the carousel but check in your bags first so you don’t lose your belongings! Measure brave LEGO® Friends Emma’s height before she rides the ghost pirate ship ride, past skeletons, bats and spooky spiders. Scream for the camera as Chloe, dressed as a mermaid, takes your picture. Let's hope it's a good one or you'll...
LEGO Friends Heartlake City Hair Salon 41391LEGO Friends Heartlake City Hair Salon 41391
LEGO Friends Heartlake City Hair Salon 41391
Tired of your old look? Head to the Heartlake City Hair Salon for a hairdo reboot! Join LEGO Friends Emma as she visits stylist Nina for a new 'do'. First wash her hair in the clam-shaped sink and then grab the scissors to help give her hair a trim. Share a coffee with her as she waits for her style to set. Add a bow to complete the look. It's a stylish place to hang out with your friends! There’s...

LEGO Friends Heartlake City Hospital 41394LEGO Friends Heartlake City Hospital 41394
LEGO Friends Heartlake City Hospital 41394
There's no medical emergency that Heartlake Hospital can't handle! Launch the helicopter or send out the ambulance to rescue the sick or injured from Heartlake City. Enter the Emergency Room via the swing door and use the x-ray machine to check for broken bones. Then look at samples with the doctor in the examination room, before helping Olivia care for the newborn baby in the hospital nursery. There's...
LEGO Friends Heartlake City Supermarket 41362LEGO Friends Heartlake City Supermarket 41362
LEGO Friends Heartlake City Supermarket 41362
Stock up on some tasty treats on a trip to the supermarket with LEGO Friends Olivia and Stephanie. Hop in the cool car toy and drive to the store. Help Stephanie steer the trolley and pick up all their favourite food. Make sure you get plenty of healthy fruit and vegetables. Once the car is loaded up you all deserve a treat. Head to the slush bar for a delicious ice cream sundae. Contains 140 pieces Enjoy...

LEGO Friends Heartlake Creative Tuning Shop 41351LEGO Friends Heartlake Creative Tuning Shop 41351
LEGO Friends Heartlake Creative Tuning Shop 41351
Build, rebuild and customize 2 cool go-karts at the Creative Tuning Shop with revolving floor, sliding door, office, lifting workshop platform and lots of customization elements. Suitable for 6 Years and over Includes 2 mini-doll figures: Emma and Dean in racing outfits with crash helmets, plus a Chico the cat figure. Features a showroom with rotating floor and sliding door function, and upstairs...
LEGO Friends Juice Truck 41397LEGO Friends Juice Truck 41397
LEGO Friends Juice Truck 41397
Let little chefs get in a spin about this easy-to-build LEGO® Friends Juice Truck toy (41397). Cool off and hang out at Emma's juice truck. She's whizzing up a fabulous blend of fresh fruit and good times at Heartlake City Beach. Help her prepare the fruit and serve the customers. Or relax with Andrea as she chills on her sun lounger, sipping on a smoothie. What's that in the water? A pair of...

LEGO Friends Mia's Forest Adventure 41363LEGO Friends Mia's Forest Adventure 41363
LEGO Friends Mia's Forest Adventure 41363
Go wildlife spotting with LEGO Friends 41363 Mia's Forest Adventure, featuring a buildable skateboard, lookout post and a bridge. There's a cute baby bear to care for, and the clever drop-down function on the tree helps Mia swing the beehive down so that the bear can reach the honey. There's also a cool electric skateboard in this LEGO Friends animal set to motor away and continue Mia's adventure in...
LEGO Friends Mia's Horse Trailer 41371LEGO Friends Mia's Horse Trailer 41371
LEGO Friends Mia's Horse Trailer 41371
Saddle up for a day exploring the forest on horseback. LEGO Friends Mia and Emma are taking Bianca to the woods for some exercise. Help them load the trailer with horse accessories then hitch it to Mia’s cool 4x4 buggy and they are ready to go. At the forest, remove Bianca's blanket and fit her saddle so Mia can go for a ride through the trees. Keep your eyes peeled for woodland creatures. What's...

LEGO Friends Nature Glamping 41392LEGO Friends Nature Glamping 41392
LEGO Friends Nature Glamping 41392
It's time to go camping in style! Olivia and Mia have escaped to the countryside, but they won't be slumming it. Help them set up their luxurious glamping tent. It has proper beds and a beauty corner! Olivia has brought her phone. Help her send some wildlife pics home while Mia chills in the hot tub. Later roast marshmallows round the campfire as Olivia scans the heavens with her telescope. Encourage...
LEGO Friends Stephanie's Horse Jumping 41367LEGO Friends Stephanie's Horse Jumping 41367
LEGO Friends Stephanie's Horse Jumping 41367
Play at being a showjumping champion with LEGO Friends 41567 Stephanie's Horse Jumping horse play set. Before the contest lovingly wash and prepare the horses at the toy horse stable. Once the competition starts ride around the course, navigating the horse jump toys and taking care not to knock off the rails. Spectators can take in the action and enjoy a drink from the viewing balcony. The action...
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LEGO Friends Turtles Rescue Mission 41376LEGO Friends Turtles Rescue Mission 41376
LEGO Friends Turtles Rescue Mission 41376
Help LEGO Friends Olivia and Zobo rescue the stranded baby turtles from the rocky outcrop. Launch the cool amphibious vehicle for this turtle rescue. Take the turtles back to the shoreside rescue clinic where their worried mother is waiting for them. Help Olivia examine them, then give them some milk and fruit. When they are feeling better they can play in the sandpit while they wait for their brothers...

Welcome to Heartlake City! 

Are you ready to go on a mission to bring more heart into the world? Join the five brave LEGO® Friends girls from Heartlake City! Let’s help each other make the world a better place!

Heartlake City is the home of the fun, quirky and silly LEGO Friends characters Emma, Olivia, Stephanie, Andrea and Mia. They are cool and friendly girls with heart, who help every new friend they meet on their mission to make the world and Heartlake City a nicer place to be. They are all very different. They can be loud, impulsive, goofy, quiet, creative, loving, wild, daring or caring. They sometimes act before they think, but that’s when the real fun happens! And they always find a way to reach their goals: to help those in need. 

Be creative, have fun with your friends, help others, and YOU can bring a little more heart into the world:

- You can build houses, shops, playgrounds, hotels and anything you can imagine with the different LEGO® Friends sets.
- Play fun web games like Pool Basket, Ready for School and Pet Puzzle.
- Design your own heart card and send fun, creative greetings to your friends.

Come join the girls and all the fun in Heartlake City. At Oldrids & Downtown we have all of your favourite LEGO Friends construction sets for you to enjoy and play with for hours on end! We also offer FREE delivery on all LEGO orders over £50. Find even more LEGO here