Browse the latest in Barbie, from dolls and children's toys to accessories and playsets. With Barbie dolls and toys available for all interests, from the Fairytale Portable Castle to storytelling and the Care Clinic Vehicle, your child is sure to be entertained with our fantastic range at Oldrids & Downtown.

Barbie Chelsea (Assorted)Barbie Chelsea (Assorted)
Barbie Chelsea (Assorted)
Chelsea doll and her friends can play out so many fun stories! These adorable dolls each wear bright colours and come with removable fashions and a cardboard piece for more play possibilities. Added diversity and more variety in looks and hairstyles provide more ways to spark imaginations and play out unlimited friendship stories. Collect them all for even more fun! Includes doll wearing...
Barbie Chelsea Choo Choo TrainBarbie Chelsea Choo Choo Train
Barbie Chelsea Choo Choo Train
Hop aboard this choo choo train bound toward fun with Chelsea doll and her two pets -- a puppy and a kitten -- who each have a cargo cart to keep up with Chelsea doll. Imaginations can tell so many stories with this colourful train and two cargo cars, all with working wheels -- push to get the fun rolling. Chelsea doll can ride in the train; the cars are the perfect size for the pets. Both the kitten...

Barbie Chelsea TreehouseBarbie Chelsea Treehouse
Barbie Chelsea Treehouse
Elevate dollhouse play with Chelsea doll, her puppy and her treehouse play set! The colourful house has five fun zones and pieces to keep imaginations engaged all day. Chelsea doll and her pet puppy can play dress up, eat cupcakes, stargaze, slide, swing and then do it all again. Open the swinging door to the house and send Chelsea doll up the ladder to enter. Then open the sides and climb into storytelling....
Barbie Fairytale Portable CastleBarbie Fairytale Portable Castle
Barbie Fairytale Portable Castle
Enter the Barbie Dreamtopia land of Rainbow Cove when you pass through the golden gate of this colourful doll castle that has multiple play spaces, transformative features and storytelling pieces! The fairy-tale dollhouse is designed for portability with a design that opens for playtime and folds shut for travel and storage; a rainbow handle makes carrying the playset a breeze. 4 areas in the Barbie...

Barbie Fashionista Doll (Assorted)Barbie Fashionista Doll (Assorted)
Barbie Fashionista Doll (Assorted)
These are randomly picked from a selection of design. Each Barbie Fashionistas doll has her own look and style -- from floral frills to chambray chic, all of the fashions are inspired by the latest trends! Collect them all to explore countless looks. The latest line of Barbie Fashionistas dolls includes four body types, nine skin tones, nine eye colours, 13 hairstyles and so many on-trend fashions...
Barbie Indoor Accessory (Assorted)
Barbie Indoor Accessory (Assorted)
Enjoy a night indoors with this Barbie collection of indoor furniture plus pet packs. They make it exciting to spend a night in with popular themes -- like dining for two, movie night or pet play -- and a pet friend for bonding. Arrange and rearrange the pieces to tell fun stories. Each set includes traditional furniture with signature style and themed accessories that open up the play possibilities....

Barbie Sisters Babysitter Playset (Assorted)
Barbie Sisters Babysitter Playset (Assorted)
Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc. dolls and playsets let kids be the babysitter with a Skipper or friend doll, a baby or toddler doll and furniture and accessories matched to classic childhood moments. Choose from babysitting sets themed to feeding and naptime, potty training or a stroller walk. Each has a fun feature to add inspiration to storytelling: the feeding baby has a colour-change mouth, the...
Barbie Storytelling Bakers Doll PlaysetBarbie Storytelling Bakers Doll Playset
Barbie Storytelling Bakers Doll Playset
Barbie bakery chef doll is ready to bake with an oven play set and food accessories that really rise! An oven sound, rising action and colour-change "icing" provide the ingredients for fun with easy-to-use mechanisms. Lots of colourful pieces inspire all kinds of stories. Barbie doll's oven has signature style designed in pink and white with plug-and-play pockets to hold accessories in place as young...

Barbie Ultimate Kitchen With DollBarbie Ultimate Kitchen With Doll
Barbie Ultimate Kitchen With Doll
Young chefs can cook up playtime fun with Barbie doll and the Ultimate Kitchen playset! Lights, sounds, coloured dough, food molds and more than 20 pieces total provide all of the ingredients for delicious storytelling. The bright kitchen has a cool design with multiple play spaces and realistic working features. There's an oven with a timer that dings -- use it to bake the pie that rises in the dough...
Chelsea 2 Pack (Assorted)Chelsea 2 Pack (Assorted)
Chelsea 2 Pack (Assorted)
Please choose from the Pets or Ballet Dancer. On the Basket screen use the "Personalisation" box to let us know the quantity of each style you would like. Chelsea doll knows that having a friend along can double the fun, and these two-doll sets deliver -- each comes with two dolls and themed accessories to play out so many friendship stories. Choose from popular themes that include a ballet class...

Fashionista Deluxe Dolls (Assorted)
Fashionista Deluxe Dolls (Assorted)
Every Barbie Fashionistas doll has her own look and style -- from casually cool to super sporty, all fashions are inspired by the latest trends. And an extra outfit included with Barbie doll means twice the possibilities for storytelling and styling fun. With added diversity and more variety in styles, fashions, shoes and accessories, there are infinitely more ways to spark imaginations and play out...
Glam ConvertibleGlam Convertible
Glam Convertible
Hit the open road with the Barbie convertible -- the storytelling possibilities are endless! Designed in sparkly pink with the Barbie silhouette as hood ornament, the two-seater vehicle is Barbie signature style. The car's sporty shape has a spoiler in back and silvery wheels that really roll. The interior is modern in black with realistic upholstery labels and seatbelts for the dolls (dolls sold separately)....

Barbie Outdoor Accessory (Assorted)Barbie Outdoor Accessory (Assorted)
Barbie Outdoor Accessory (Assorted)
Soak up the sun with this Barbie collection of outdoor furniture plus pet packs. They help set the scene for a perfect day with fun outdoor settings -- like a hammock, barbeque or a beach picnic -- and a pet friend to help enjoy the day (doll sold separately). Arrange and rearrange the pieces to tell fun stories. Each set includes traditional furniture pieces (like a hammock and table, grill and chair...
Barbie With Dream Horse
Barbie With Dream Horse
Bring the fun of horseback riding to life and play with Barbie doll like never before with her most interactive horse yet. The Barbie Dream Horse reacts to touch and sounds -- it features more than 30 realistic reactions! This amazing animal can walk forward, turn 360 degrees and neigh when you play. Dream Horse can also feed (a bunch of carrots are included) and nuzzle in response to your touch. For...

Barbie Chelsea And PonyBarbie Chelsea And Pony
Barbie Chelsea And Pony
Chelsea doll and her pony are ready to ride! Seat Chelsea doll on the sweet pony's bright saddle -- don't forget her purple helmet for safety -- and let the fun begin. Flexible knees make it easy to put Chelsea doll's feet in the stirrups. Barbie doll's littlest sister is dressed in a fun blue skirt with white polka dots and pink shoes. Her pony has a removable bridle, reins and saddle in matching...